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Jon Stewart Announces DC 'Rally to Restore Sanity' {PopEater}

Sep 17th 2010 12:26PM Stephen Colbert for president!!!!

Obama on Health: Stunning Arrogance or the Edmund Burke Theory of Leadership? {Politics Daily}

Mar 4th 2010 2:55PM This health bill indeed is the right thing to do. At a time when health care costs are rising and insurance companies do not provide health care or the means to pay for it. Health insurance companies must fall. Enough with pre existing conditions. Every man, woman, and child must have health care and deserves it. i fully support the president on this endeavor.

TV News Daily {Inside TV Blog}

Feb 11th 2009 2:29PM i stopped watching "normal shows" a long time ago.

Obama Girl Blasts Hillary {News Bloggers}

Mar 26th 2008 1:47PM Hey mr I WRITE EVERYTHING IN CAPS. do us all a favor and shut it. Thank you !!

Tailor toys in 2.4 {WoW}

Mar 20th 2008 3:12PM Actually, i do hope the sunmotes drop off the magister terrace. The raids them selves usually get enough good drops. And the way the spellcloth set and fsw sets are set it would make more sense to make these drop off regular and heroic instances than a raid. You don't need to raid to make fsw, scs,pmset, but having these sets makes it easier to do so.

Hot Seat: Are We Electing Bill Clinton? {Politics Daily}

Jan 24th 2008 11:20AM i have to agree on this. If we elect hilary, we get bill clinton a third term. Its so obvious. But we can change it, vote for anyone else but her, but esp obama :)

Hot Seat: A Clinton Obama Ticket? {Politics Daily}

Jan 22nd 2008 6:44PM I am sorry but i do not want hilary clinton as president. she is not the type of person i would want leading the country. she voted for the iraq war. She wont pull our troops out i bet obama will. Heck she will want to go to war against iran. I can almost bet it.

AOL Straw Poll: Jan. 7-14 {Politics Daily}

Jan 11th 2008 10:41PM i think barack obama is the cleanest out of the bunch being raised in Illinois. Hilary i don't trust; she would go to war with iran. If anything change is easier for the youth of our country, because we are not as stubborn as our adult counterparts.

Hot Seat: Is Obama Too Nice? {Politics Daily}

Jan 2nd 2008 2:22PM If hilary is elected president, she run this country into the ground. i heard from someone recently that she supports a bill that allows( i'm gonna keep this less gruesome than it has to be) younger than normal children whom become preg. get an abortion without telling mom or dad. There go the morals of the country.