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Encrypted Text: Blade Flurry is broken {WoW}

Jun 29th 2011 2:56PM BM now has better burst aoe than most aoe classes. Spirit worm + bestial wrath + burrow attack = 250000 dps for the duration of the burrow. Our top hunter can nearly solo kill the aberrations on normal maloriak.

The point is: is there really a problem with having certain specs fill niche roles? That's why we have dual specs, right?

AutoblogGreen is not dead [Update: Still not dead] {Autoblog Green}

Mar 27th 2011 5:26AM Electric motors are so 18th century! Let's lose that antiquated deadweight and move on to the real hotness: steam locomotives!

Encrypted Text: Answers to your pre-Cataclysm rogue questions {WoW}

Nov 3rd 2010 3:29PM Give this man some internets.

EVE Evolved: Two year anniversary {Massively}

Apr 19th 2010 10:12PM I'd love to know your views on why EVE has remained relevant and why it will continue to be relevant in the future.

Geneva 2009: BMW Alpina B6 GT3 puts the 'Ring on notice {Autoblog Archive}

Mar 5th 2009 11:43AM Last time I checked GT3 cars don't run at Le Mans. I'd put Spa-Francorchamps on the list of probably races, though.

Ask TUAW: Preventing automounting, Exchange support, printing selections, and more {}

Feb 24th 2009 8:33PM Question for next time:
I have a ~2 year old White MacBook that is starting to run out of disk space. When I upgraded to Leopard back in the day, a "Previous Systems" folder was created that includes copies of the old System and Applications folders as well as others. Normally these are folders that you wouldn't delete so I am hesitant to just delete them, but is this something I am able to do?

Joyswag Holidaze: Mirror's Edge game, album and messenger bag {Joystiq}

Dec 8th 2008 10:47PM I'd carry around my Muay Thai gear, some deodorant, shampoo, and MIrror's Edge, naturally.

5.0L V8 could return in 2010 Mustang {Autoblog Archive}

Apr 16th 2008 5:25PM sorry but comparing a 5 litre v8 to a 1.6 i4 isn't a comparison, especially when the japanese can get almost half the horsepower from about a third of the displacement. consider also that european cars were getting the same horsepower as the 5 litre from half the cylinders and 2 litres. as per my previous comment, hopefully this new 5L v8 will be better than the old one.

5.0L V8 could return in 2010 Mustang {Autoblog Archive}

Apr 16th 2008 4:14PM oh the good old 5.slow mustang, lets hope the new one has power to match its displacement

Maruti Suzuki unveils ironically named Swift DZire sedan {Autoblog Archive}

Mar 26th 2008 3:57PM Looks like a cross between a Sentra and a dolphin... so much for hybrid cars.