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Reviewing the Razer Naga Epic mouse: 12 buttons you never knew you wanted {WoW}

Feb 17th 2011 9:01PM I've been using the wired Naga for a couple months, and I have to say it's dramatically improved my resto druid healing. Druid heals are all about keeping lots of HoTs going, so I'm pulling plenty of clicks-per-min. The Naga is great at speeding up my response time.

I made the same 3x4 setup with Dominos as Matthew suggested, and it works great. I actually have action bars 1 & 2 set up this way and positioned side-by-side, so it appears as a 6x4 grid. Action bar 1 is set to the default 1-12 keys, and action bar 2 is shift+ 1-12. This has made it easy to transition to using the Naga.

Safari 3.0 available for Download {}

Jun 11th 2007 3:15PM It looks like they're not using the build in Windows text-rendering, so even the text looks more Mac-like. I like it.

Apple TV now shipping {}

Mar 20th 2007 5:24PM I checked the San Francisco Apple Store after lunch today, and they don't have Apple TVs in stock yet. In fact, the guys who work there didn't even know that they started shipping today, or when they'd get them in the store.

Welcome to Bizarro World: Parallels and VMware running Mac OS X on XP? {}

Jan 23rd 2007 1:45AM Hmmmm... How long do you think it will be before Steve Jobs and Co. sue?

Breakfast Topic: That Makes No Sense! {WoW}

Nov 2nd 2006 6:15PM I like that you can fold up your mount and put it in a corner of your pack. And then unfold it whenever you want a ride.

iLounge reviews USB transfer device {}

Jul 21st 2006 7:03PM I haven't used one yet, but I'm betting it can only transfer files to the iPod storage available when you enable disk use in iTunes. If this is the case, the music that you play on your iPod won't be available, since Apple doesn't give you access to that part of the hard drive of your iPod.

Time lapse photos of NYC Apple Store opening {}

May 20th 2006 8:27AM Did anyone see the guy proposing in the 5AM block? Hope Uschi Lang was watching.