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Harsher penalties for AV AFKers {WoW}

Jan 12th 2008 4:16PM afk bots or using "scritps" has been around since i was trying to make rank 14 and had to play 18 hours a day .. and i still couldn't beat the bots... I even had a friend svelte(rogue)(staghelm) who was brazzen enought to almost surpass me in rank. while i played 18hours a day and didn't understand how the hell he could work all day have 2 kids and a wife. and stay right beside me in rank. imagine the jerk never told me that he was using scripts to sign up and stay from going afk.

IN retro-spec i realized that 80% of rank 14s near the end were doing the honor bots. and i was a fool for thinking blizzard cared about me... when in rome do as the romans.

2008 and I say the romans are pretty pissed about farming honor. so don't do it no more...

I got my warning a few days ago :*(

I wrote blizzard back to say it wasn't me. it was my bot.

humm... payed name changes. maybe blizzard wants people to be able to get away with bot'n for a short while longer. for $25 buks extra .