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The Daily Quest: Of lists, lists and oh yes more lists {WoW}

Mar 10th 2009 12:59PM Yeah that warlock twink list is severely outdated. Many of the of healing items don't have correct numbers for damage now that healing and damage have been merged. The heirloom boa shoulders are the best in slot by far now as is the boa heirloom spell damage trinket. You can also currently put the honor bought stam/resilience enchant on the boa item and trade it, though for those who were lucky enough to get the power of the scourge enchant out of old naxxramas, you have the best option for the boa shoulders if you saved it. You get far more out of a warlock twink with very high shadow damage than you will out of stacking pure stamina. You do need enough stam to survive really nasty rogues that seem to target you over and over and you can easily still be over 2k with 160 shadow damage when it's called for. My 19 warlock twink is twinkerbel on proudmoore and my 39 warlock twink is calyban on proudmoore. My main raiding warlock is ravenelle on the same server.

When should you Life Tap? {WoW}

Feb 17th 2009 1:58PM You people are just about retarded. Most good locks are raiding affliction, their goal is to not waste gcd's by lifetapping when they don't need to. Siphon life and haunt are going to keep my health bar full regardless of whether you heal me or not unless I take undue raid damage. I gauge my mana and know when I need to life tap then I dps for 9 seconds and life tap one more time to get an extra spirit bonus to the second lifetap making it even larger. During this 9 seconds siphon life has returned a huge amount of health and so has the incoming haunt most likely. In addition to all of this my fel armor heals me for 2 percent of my health every few seconds. If patchwork goes down and I'm out of mana I have done my job. I have put as much dps as I could in while I could and haven't wasted my global cooldowns. I hit 5800 this week on patch and intend to break 6k this one.

If you think healing an affliction warlock is a waste then you're not remembering less mana efficient demo sac/sb spam warlocks in bc but then they had fel armor that did increase any healing effect on the target. My healers are my friends, they knew a renew would just about fill me up from half and I was smart enough then to know when I had to life tap and not put myself in danger. It's not like I don't have a healthstone at all times, I make them for all of you so you healers don't have to panic if lots of people take damage at once and you can't get to each one of them, they have a back up outside of a potion on any encounter.

No one needs to heal me after a boss fight, I will tap to half, bring mana to half and eat a biscuit if I can work it between doing master looting for my 25 man and seeing to it that everyone has what they need to continue and be able to do their job. If I can't, my health bar is going to be at full very shortly because my fel armor is going to keep healing me whether you do or not.

Mana regen is being changed but at the current state it's in now, most of you have mana to burn. There is something to be said for mana using dps'er that is never going to go out of mana ever. If it comes down to it I can deathcoil and lifedrain and keep myself up while tanking lady blameaux and sir zelliek. Let's see a mage do that. I can keep myself up on sapphiron with no frost resist. Go look at your wws report and see who's top healing in the raid after the healers, it's the warlock and the ret pally's seal. All that warlock healing is going to me. If you don't uderstand the dps mechanics of the people in your raid, you don't deserve to be raiding.

[UPDATED] Warlock changes in patch 3.0.3 {WoW}

Nov 4th 2008 5:03PM Correct me if I'm wrong but the improved shadow bolt tooltip now states: . . .increases shadow damage by x percent. . . .

It had been modified to state if was direct shadow damage after 3.0.2, correct? I know I've read discussion on how this talent wasn't as important for affliction to pick up b/c it would not affect dots, however this tooltip now doesn't appear to say anything about direct damage spells being the only ones affected. I'd call this another buff to warlocks.

15 Minutes of Fame: Proudmoore guild plays out GLBT pride {WoW}

Oct 22nd 2008 2:15AM Well, it just so happens that proudmoore is the original server chosen by the australians and the new zealanders and the server never sleeps b/c of this as was evidenced by their being first to unlock the isle of quel'danas events. You'd probably like and find plenty of open-minded people with your schedule.

3 cheers for taint, la familia, stonewall champions and the mattachine knights and for the wonderfully quirky microcosm that is the proudmoore server.

Understanding the Cheat Death nerf {WoW}

Jul 15th 2008 12:05PM Speaking as a warlock who is preyed upon by op rogues I love this change. Anything could only help. I feel like with many counter classes in the game, there's still a chance but whenever I kill a rogue with my shadowpriest pard in arena we feel like we should go out an celebrate. I counter mages, but mages can get me more often than I can get a rogue. If it isn't bad enough that I am stunlocked most of the fight and can't get away, curse of exhaustion is useless, death coil's cd is too long, cloak removes everything including ua, then the cheat death effect allows them to somehow hang on long enough to hide from me for over a minute and come back with full health and cooldowns and kill me after I had him at 1 percent. Fear is useless, 99 percent of rogues we face are undead. If I try to cast fear, it's gotten out of or I'm kicked out of my shadow school entirely. I'm sick of running loops around an arena looking for an almost dead rogue with a felpuppy and taking the crystals and still not finding them. The only way to survive them is sl/sl.

I wouldn't gloat at any classes nerfed. We warlocks have been nerfed into the ground almost every patch, however to the previous poster who claims that almost all classes get their pvp viability in one tree, I'm here to tell you warlocks do not. To pvp with my shadow priest, I have to be ua to avoid dispel teams and to up our burst damage. This takes away my soul link talent in the demonology tree which helps me absorb physical damage and neither of those two talents can every be used with shadowfury which is pretty much solely pvp viable and in the destro tree.

Psst...want some WotLK alpha talent info? {WoW}

May 20th 2008 3:43PM mmo-champion took it down and already put it back up.

Addon Spotlight: Necrosis LdC {WoW}

May 5th 2008 11:44AM I use it but I disabled all the speeches, don't really click on anything on it and for the most part what I love is the audible nightfall warning which I can't miss if there's a lot of chatter in vent. I use the dottimers it gives as well but perhaps I should consider an alternative. New comp coming in this week, been holding off on too much changing around until I get it up and running so I don't have to go through the process twice.