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  • zach lutz
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Newest iPod ad star: Sir Paul McCartney {}

Jun 14th 2007 9:40PM It's a mandolin.

Freeverse releases Periscope {}

Apr 25th 2007 1:19AM i like your glasses Scott. very retro.

I'll give this app a try!

Xmod Giveaway {}

Mar 12th 2007 9:05AM I'll take it.

Apple announces new logo {}

Apr 1st 2006 11:23AM that wasn't even funny

Flickr Find: Homemade iPod nano {}

Feb 22nd 2006 12:42AM why the crap do you post useless stuff like this?

i'd rather see no news than this pointless jargon.

What did 'ya get? {}

Dec 26th 2005 12:50PM JBL Creature II speakers for my iMac.
My sister got an iPod Nano.
My Dad got a iTunes gift certificate.
and my Mom got a well... a painting.

God's Keynote address {}

Dec 24th 2005 7:01PM that is funny!

iPulse updated {}

Dec 10th 2005 10:56PM All i have to say is two words. MenuMeters. well, one word. Well... two, oh, ONE!