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Authenticator failure revisited, Blizzard responds {WoW}

Aug 5th 2008 7:43PM As a later poster here says, WoWInsider's reporting seems to leave a little to be desired on this particular topic.

What Belfaire actually said, if you read the original topic and all of his posts, not just the linked one, is that when the password was changed on the account, the "hacker" had to provide the serial number from the backside of the Authenticator, which means that THE HACKER HAD PHYSICAL ACCESS TO THE AUTHENTICATOR. That's like giving away your car key and then being surprised when it gets stolen later, and to hear WoWInsider's reporting, it sounds like they're willing to entertain the idea that it might somehow be the car maker's fault that the car owner gave away their key.

There is NOTHING Blizzard can do if someone compromises physical access to their computer and other resources. The way this article should be reading is that the person's idiocy was finally exposed by Belfaire, in as gentle a way as possible.

Edge talks Morhaime on Age of Conan {WoW}

Aug 2nd 2008 4:56PM Probably a big part of why WoW hasn't gotten back more than 40% is because the people that left were largely already disillusioned with WoW and were not interested in coming back immediately anyway. They were just looking for an alternative that AoC seemed, but failed, to provide.

I'm betting that if there were stats on who of those 60% are still playing AoC, very few of them would be. I would bet that the majority have cancelled their accounts and are simply not playing an MMO right now, instead waiting for either Wrath or WAR.

My shadow is following me {WoW}

Jul 21st 2008 3:18PM On that topic, visible gems/sockets might not be a bad idea either.

Anyway, reflections on people would be nice as well. I mean, characters are lit, but it would be nice if there were actual shadows on the armor itself, as well as reflections and whatnot. Definitely would eat up some computing power (which would knock me and my three year-old laptop out of contention for displaying it), but it'd look a lot nicer. This new shadow thing goes a long way though.

Forum post of the day: Winning isn't everything {WoW}

Jul 14th 2008 10:54AM Exactly. It rewards people that fight close matches, and makes it somewhat unprofitable for both sides if one side just rolls over and gives up a win. One would need to be careful not to separate the "kill tokens" and "win tokens" that you present, since otherwise we'll have a similar problem to the one we have now, where people forego the "kill tokens" (Honor) and instead just for the "win tokens" (BG tokens).

That said, it definitely encourages the type of activity that players and Blizzard want to see, which makes it ideal in that regard, though I do agree with you that you would have to change the objectives of the existing battlegrounds, which is shaky territory. This idea would be best implemented with a new battleground, and then could be grown from there if it works well.

Forum post of the day: Winning isn't everything {WoW}

Jul 14th 2008 5:13AM It's definitely an abuse. Perhaps not a punishable one, but certainly one that goes against the spirit of competition and the nature of the game.

I agree with the others here that think that Marks are an inherently broken system, at least as currently implemented. Personally, while I don't know what can be done with the existing battlegrounds, I think that Blizzard has already developed a great system for rewarding people who actually engage in PvP; the only problem with the system is that they don't offer good enough incentive currently. As for what that system is: Halaa PvP marks.

You have to contribute and be close to the kill to get a mark, which encourages people to engage in actual PvP since there's no reward otherwise. The only problem is that it's implemented poorly near Halaa (people run away so the chasers can't get marks) and lacks a decent incentive (you can farm PvP kills and get some mediocre blues that will last you for about 5 minutes before you replace them with Honor gear from the BG).

If they had a battleground that worked on some sort of point system, perhaps akin to EotS or AB, marks could be awarded for kills made, and the winning team might get some bonus and then have their marks doubled or tripled or whatnot. It would be somewhat like a combination of Honor and marks, all in one, since there wouldn't necessarily be a set number you would get, and the marks you received would directly correlate to your efforts to destroy opposing players.

There would still be the need to watch out for some farming tactics (i.e. no one caps nodes, everyone just takes turns killing each other), but such tactics could be discouraged by the battleground design (make it so that faster wins yield higher returns, or so that the game ends itself after awhile, perhaps after a certain number of kills, making "infinite" farming impossible), and they would more accurately reflect efforts made by people, as opposed to the current system, which merely rewards showing up, regardless of the effort made.

Breakfast Topic: Controllers R us {WoW}

Jul 9th 2008 3:27PM At the risk of stating the obvious, have you tried using the right click? Press Command + Click to simulate a right click on an Apple laptop, then pan around using that. It should, at least in theory, allow you to control pitch just fine. It's how I do it when I don't have a mouse plugged in.

I'm guessing that doesn't work for you though, since that seems like a patently obvious solution. Wish I could help more.

While we're on the topic of problems though, I've noticed one too. I didn't have the problem with my older PowerBook, but my new one has this issue. If I try to press three keys at once, certain specific keys will not register in WoW. For instance, if I want to strafe right, turn left, and cast Rejuvenation, that would be E + A + 2. The 2 doesn't register though. However, if I want to cast Lifebloom while doing that circle strafe (E + A + 4), it works fine. Similarly, beginning Auto-run while already running involves pressing W (run) + Ctrl + X (auto-run). The X never registers. However, if I change my auto-run binding to Ctrl + C instead of Ctrl + X, then W + Ctrl + C works just fine.

No clue why it happens. Rather annoying. I've had to remap a few of my keys so that they remain useful to me if I have to use them while I'm on the move.

Breakfast Topic: Controllers R us {WoW}

Jul 9th 2008 11:53AM I've always just used by PowerBook's keyboard and sometimes just the trackpad. If I'm doing PvP or anything that requires Vent, I'll go ahead and plug in my mouse, but for simple dailies or grinding, I don't bother plugging it in since I like not being tethered to my desk. I started off in WoW with a Logitech MX700, and have since upgraded to a Logitech MX Revolution.

I've really been looking at the n52 though. Been very tempted to buy one.

Blood Sport: All aboard the drain train {WoW}

Jul 7th 2008 11:02PM I agree. Where did she say anything disparaging about RMP? In fact, she even wrote an article just a few months back about setting up an RMP comp, some basic strats (from both sides), and then some other thoughts. Seems to me that she holds the comp in pretty high esteem, if anything.

WoW Crossword 7/6/08 {WoW}

Jul 7th 2008 2:41AM Oh, please don't misunderstand. I wasn't complaining about the difference between professional crossword puzzles and ones of this sort. Rather, I was just commenting on the difference. I know that it would be prohibitively time consuming to build puzzles like that for a weekly feature. I wasn't trying to suggest that anything like that SHOULD be done. I was merely pointing out that this type is sometimes more difficult because of those differences.

WoW Crossword 7/6/08 {WoW}

Jul 6th 2008 3:58PM Managed to get the majority of it, but still having problems with some. The issue I've always had with homemade crossword puzzles is that there isn't enough crossing of words (i.e. there might be just 2-3 words that cross another word, instead of 5+ like you get in professionally done puzzles). Makes them extremely difficult if you can't fall into the exact same line of thought as the puzzle creator. Even if you can guess the correct answer, if the word only has one letter in common with another clue, you can hardly be sure that you got the correct answer.

That said, I too would like to see this become a regular feature. It's a fun idea.