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Ask WoW Insider: Casual Raiding -- does it exist? {WoW}

May 26th 2008 11:44AM well look, who wants to have 23 friends and yrself in a raid for 4-5 hours to gear up a guy that will not be present for the major part of the raids?
its a waste of gear, frankly, if u want to progress.

gear is not epeen or looks or smthn, its tools to kill new bosses and get to more complex content easier.
for a guild to invite someone who has low attendance is like paying full price for a car that works only weekends...why waste the money?

that said, there are guilds made up of ppl with families and ppl with nitejobs, that raid saturdays & sundays, and holidays. some of which are quite good as well.
if there is none on the server yr on, find a new server, with one, and join them.

SK-Gaming downs Kil'jaeden for world first {WoW}

May 25th 2008 12:29PM 1 feral is for the 3 hunters.
feral = windfury for BM hunters, of which they had 2, and a huge buff to dps/buff uptime for the sv hunter.
the feral is also a third tank for add phase, and the pull.

Ready Check: Death and Raid Guilds {WoW}

May 18th 2008 4:52AM somewhat ironic name u picked for yrself...

Ready Check: Death and Raid Guilds {WoW}

May 18th 2008 4:35AM dont worry ... if a raider says SWP is easy, hes just epeen'ing. it is hard, though its getting easier as u gear up, and as u get used to the bosses, and find the "rythm".
M'uru is the hardest boss sofar in the game. (not counting untuned/bugged bosses)

i think anyone blaming swp being either too hard, or too easy is really admitting they failed at it.

the most basic flaw in wow, is the currency has been devalued, by a massive amount.
the currency is not Gold. its the reward vs effort balance.
when i started wow, an epic made u fly from SW to IF to going the gang of ppl inspecting the guy who got one.
now, its embarrassing to not be epiced out with epic gems, on any main.
and for no effort. used to be u had to work a long time to earn the gear to go to raids, then earn yr way through teh raids to get yr first epics. the cost of raids was much higher, as well. now? its for everyone. all u need to do, is infact do 5 man heroics, aqnd get what i worked for over 8 months or smthn, BT quality loot.

is the problem that i feel the casuals get to close to my itemlvl? no! i dot care what itemlvl casuals have in themselves, they cant play anyway, so they cant challenge me, all the same. and THATS the problem. they didnt earn it, through skill and time. the depritiation of the currency of wow. (eng isnt my 1st lang, xcuse sp)
the valuesystem isnt the gold, its the rewards u get.
for the old raiders like me, who have been at the top for a long time, we had a "fortune" and the fortune was just reduced each patch, and it will be annihilated soon, with Wotlk. looking at the time we still spend on SWP, and the time we will have to spend on end-game in Wotlk, is it worth it, or is it pointless?
having killed a boss in march vs killed him with a pug in august, it no longer matters. u loose the heart u need to go on when u look at the future of yr character, and obviously, Blizzard has lost sight of the true currency of wow, or any MMO. the effort vs reward balance.

Gaming without Guides {WoW}

May 17th 2008 7:08AM simple answer: its an MMO.
yr NOT supposed to solo it.

if wow went xbox, sure, dumb it down to where u can solo, but in a MMO u should ask around, for help, thats the communitypart of the game, and more or less its essence.

I welcome our 10 and 25 man raid instance overlords {WoW}

May 9th 2008 9:18PM wow PvE is dying.
welcome to arenasports-tuning and welfare content.

i doubt im playing this game much in a year.

Brutally ugly gear will stay ugly {WoW}

May 3rd 2008 7:16PM the hunter is the green one, shammy is the yellow/red. i have the chest and another hunter the shoulders, so im pretty sure of this ;)

Scattered Shots: Auto Shot {WoW}

May 2nd 2008 2:24PM ever had a hunter in guild that just plain coulnt dps? ever had a tank beat a hunter on dps in a pug or (godforbid..) a raid?
thats what autoshot does. not that he uses it, and nothing else, as the classic Auto-afk'er, but, that he does use everything else, and messes with the hidden autoshot timer to such an extent, that it cuts his dps by 35-40 %.

the correct use of auto used to seperate scrubs from pro's, before the macro's. now however, there is almost no excuses anymore ;)

Ever surprise yourself? {WoW}

May 1st 2008 11:13AM once took out 9 hordes on AB farm. this was in vanilla wow times, they where crappy geared, and i was a hunter in full t2 with asscandy, but it was still pretty insane. the rest of that AB, they tried to run away from me:P think i had over 50 kills in that one run, ss'ed it too, but its lost to an old computer going to where ever computers go when they die...

Ready Check: Felmyst {WoW}

Apr 29th 2008 4:49PM its not as hard as u think. just pay attention, and move where u should, when u should.
dps wise, its not very demanding, and if the RL understands the mechanics, the fight is less of a cockblock than brutallus, if teh raid isnt ready for the progress.