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The Care and Feeding of Warriors: What comes next {WoW}

Jan 18th 2008 3:36PM "a great community of theorycrafters, old hands and so on in the warrior class that have spent a lot of time studying tanking, going out and doing the job and reporting back on what works and what doesn't."

These communities exists among many classes, including Protection Paladins (MainTankadin). Many Warriors rerolled Paladin and Druid tanks and brought that experience into those communities (Gestalt, Lore, and Joanadark were all pre-BC Warriors who brought this experience to the Paladin community).

"perhaps even leading groups to bring a tank of each tanking class."

To me, a Protection Paladin, this would be a wonderful conclusion.

I want to stand WITH my Warriors, as a tanking TEAM. I want to stand as equals, neither class being obsoleted or deemed undesirable by the mere presense of the other.

Some of my best friends are Warriors and every step of my Tanking career, it's been a Warrior who has shown me the way.