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Know Your Lore: Azshara {WoW}

Jan 19th 2008 1:12AM Underwater breathing ha forget that, hopefully by the time this comes out engineers can make submarine-robots which each player will control and the robot will have the same skills as the player. Okay well maybe not submarine robots but still a sub would be pretty cool.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: What comes next {WoW}

Jan 19th 2008 12:54AM Well the way im seeing most of the posts reguarding what future nerfs will be are absolute worse case situation. The way I see it atm prot tree can only get buffed, nerfing that would completely destroy any chance of warriors tanking end game. as for pvp warriors should be on the top of the list while we have a high amount of armor and hit resonably it should not bring on a nerf although as many have pointed out we probably will get nerfed. It really is sad though after all warriors have to go through we do deserve our own fun and glory. To tank and to pvp require respecing, our repair bills are high, we always die without any chance of "running out". So doing well in pvp shouldn't be as big a problem as it is seeing as those of us who tank basically pay to pvp. Besides we technically don't dominate pvp, as long as people lose to a class, it will be "overpowered" even though the problem is on the complainer having a lack of skill. Anyway the way I c the warriors current state any future nerfs will seriously damage the class making it useless in endgame tanking. With pvp, I think that will always be a warriors zone so to say, atleast for skilled warriors. It also seems that as tbc as brought druid tanking and pally tanking into the norm, it and future expansions might be ushering tanking out for us warriors and giving us a heavier dps role in raids/pvp.
Now as for what changes I would like to see:
Spell reflect- imo they should remove the shield and defensive stance requirement. I mean picture hitting a fireball with your sword like a game of baseball.
Buff berserker stance to scale with level. 3% crit at 60 may have been good but at level 60+ it should scale up, even possibly making it agility instead of straight up crit.
as others have pointed out buffing shield block and the health talent for warriors.
imp revenge- instead of a stun a buff would be nice maybe a proc to increase health, armor, dodge, etc.
endless rage- needs to go imo and be replaced with a skill like one of the other posters mentioned, a beast within type of skill.
Now as far as death knights are concerned. The way I take their role is as a ot role. Meaning they can aoe tank well so in 5mans for instance instead of a warrior trying to tank 3 mobs while worrying about pops a cc the deathknight could tank a majority of them while the mt tanks one and the others assist killing that one and then pulls one at a time off the dk. then for boss fights the dk would be dps or a ot. I definitly dont think we will be seeing dk as mt's in endgame though due to the lack of a shield unless there avoidence is incredably high and there weapon gains some shield like stats. Although i think its to earlier to tell what the dk will really do. I mean hey, maybe the dk is what the warrior was always meant to be like without the magic, a dpser capable of oting. seems like the way the warrior class is heading anyway.