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Raid Rx: Tell your raid to stand in glowing circles {WoW}

Oct 23rd 2010 2:46AM Lee run to the center! Mogris run to the center! Forsythe run to the center! Nurf run to the center! Isis run to the center!

Whatever the fuck you do, do not stand next to other people.

WoW, certain routers causing network problems {WoW}

Jan 19th 2008 12:12PM
Something I dislike is that wow uses a TCP connection to calculate "latency".

There was already a problem in FPS game using UDP, reported latency in game would cumulate the real round trip time of packets to the server but also the time it took the server to answer.

In Wow, a third value, packet loss, is mixed up with the above two items.

Since TCP retransmission uses a exponential backoff, if you happen to lose more than two packets consecutively, the next packet may be delayed by a number of seconds. The client has no idea how many packets are dropped so it looks like latency with very high value.

In my case, when I ping what seems to be the last hop before the server, rtt is below 40ms, which is the latency I sometimes get in game when I play during the night.

But between 21-23h, ping reports about 5% packet loss, rtt remain at about 40ms , and wow gives me a latency of about 500ms with severe "lags", all entities stop moving for a small time and then resume.

I asked my ISP to look at the packet loss, but they told me the problem was not on their side, and redirected me to Blizzard/Telia.