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Encrypted Text: Levels 21-40 {WoW}

Jan 30th 2008 8:10PM @Eternalpayn

Yeah, a lot of WoWInsider "leveling guides" are more a description of the skills you learn along the way and what they do, and how to use them - a "guide on the levels", and not so much on a "guide on where/how to level". I came to this thread as I started another rogue, this time on a PvP server. She's level 20, and I was hoping for some insights and tips.

Don't get me wrong, it's well-written and there's some good info, but it's not what I expected either.

Encrypted Text: Levels 21-40 {WoW}

Jan 30th 2008 7:45PM Yeah Imp Gouge is handy for dagger builds so you can get into position and regen enough energy for a backstab, but Chris mentioned he was on a PvP server, and Improved Gouge in a PvP fight, it can give you enough time to get out of combat and restealth without having to use Vanish.

Addressing time issues with Warsong Gulch {WoW}

Jan 29th 2008 8:26PM Once I hit 19 with a new toon I like to park it in WSG until I have enough marks and honor to buy a level 28 weapon, after which time I'll put it in the bank and get back to levelling. I know, perhaps a bit crazy, but time-wise, a level 28 blue weapon will last me more played hours than a level 18 one. And in general I love BGs, and a good WSG game can make me put up with 5 crap ones.

BUT, trying to get your team mates to play CTF so you get the marks you need is so frustrating in the 10-19 bracket. I just wish more people would concentrate on the game rather than the honor. If capping the flag provided more honor to change people's focus...

I really like the one flag idea. Or that the flags returned to their base if not capped within a certain period of time. How about if the flag teleported back to it's base, but also takes its flag carrier with it? ;)

Build Shop: Paladin 0/46/15 {WoW}

Jan 22nd 2008 8:17PM I'm liking your build - my prot pally is 0/49/12, but I'm well over 490 defence, and have hit uncrushable, so I might look at dropping Anticipation and head into Pursuit of Justice for a tiny bit of spell mitigation.

Stupid spells.

I too dropped Reckoning once I started tanking in earnest - relying more on my passive threat generating abilities.

Know Your Lore: Maiev Shadowsong {WoW}

Jan 20th 2008 6:51PM I don't know much of the lore, especially around Warcraft 3 (which I haven't played), but from reading what stories I could find on the official site, I really liked Maiev's tale, of the gaoler whose charge is let free, and her single-minded determination to bring him to justice. It's not like Illidan was a saint after all. Also, a bit of the story that doesn't really gel with me is why Tyrande and Malfurion had to break into the Barrow Den, killing all* of Maiev's Warden sisters to free Illidan. They gave the command to imprison him, didn't they? Surely they could have reversed it.

I guess if Maiev is as insane as you suggest, then maybe she resisted them with her entire force (and yet wasn't in the fight herself?)

I can also understand her animosity to Tyrande, and leaving her for dead when Maiev was hot on the trail of Illidan, and then using the news of Tyrande's supposed death to light a fire under Malfurion which nearly almost brought Illidan to "justice" (ie to kill him to death).

So yes, I prefer single-minded and slighted, to raving loony. Perhaps earlier Warcraft lore painted her as more insane, whereas more recently they've tried to make Illidan more evil and despicable (so that you can get a raiding guild together and smack him around), and hence Maiev is shown in a better light - that of being right all along (but with dubious methods - the best kind).

In summary, Maiev is marvellous in my books ;)

*the chunks of lore keep saying how "all" the wardens were killed, first at the prison, then Sargeras's tomb, where apparently she was the only Warden to escape, and then she has some more Wardens to go through the Dark Portal with her later on (who probably all die again).