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Breakfast Topic: Gankster Poll {WoW}

Apr 7th 2008 12:42PM I rolled PvP because of friends in play with. They warned me of ganking, and to expect it while leveling. It was frustrating at first, but realized it was part of playing on a PvP server. As I leveled up and became more proficient in the game, I could hold my own, until of course some ?? epic geared Horde would one shot me into next week.

I wont gank players players do not bring my honor points, no sense in doing it. Equal level players or those 5 levels below and maybe 2-4 levels above me, are fair game.

If I initiated an attack against Horde, I had better be prepared to pay the consequence if the player has me out gunned.

Scattered Shots: Threat management {WoW}

Feb 28th 2008 3:52PM Does the act of sending your pet to attack generate enough threat that the mob will by pass the pet and come for you, even though you are far enough from the target as to not generate any threat.

I have noticed sometime fighting mobs 2-4 levels higher than me, and I am far enough away from the target, that when I launch my pet, as the pet gets closer, the mob turns and comes for me. At which point I will fire a concusion shot to slow the mob down, and let the pet get is claws into the target.

WoW Rookie: I rolled the wrong class {WoW}

Jan 21st 2008 2:59PM I started with an NE warrior which I got to 70, and then pretty much quit. I have played nearly every class on both sides, and have to say that the Rogue is my favorite.

I like the aspect of being sneaky, and being able to deal tons of damage, and being a gnome Rogue makes it even more enjoyable.

Nothing bring a smile to my face faster than bringing down a huge Tauran in a few well placed hits, watching them running around trying to hit me.