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"Lurting" and how not to do it {WoW}

Jan 23rd 2008 2:21PM Wow, lotta people getting their panties in a bunch over this.

To the rabid etymologists: the term has its origins in the tongue-tied mispronounciation from a guildie who fairly often goes "tazmanian devil" with his words when he's flustered. Suggesting 'better' terms for the scenario is to miss the point.

The greater reason for the video (I believe) is (besides Nibuca getting to make fun of her brother) the following exchange between the folks on the run:
someone loots in combat, prompting a guildie to call out 'lurter'
voice 1: Goddam sheep. Every fucking time, I swear to god--
voice 2: I think we should have a guild rank of Lurter.
voice 1: but then we wouldn't have any other ranks.

voice 3: Well, there goes the officer class....

Aside from in-combat looting revealing one's magpie/ADHD nature, potentially distracting other group members, and covering up relevant UI configurations... We call out "lurter!" to indicate to the group/raid that there's still mobs that need to be dealt with.