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Battlefield 3: Close Quarters announced for June, two more packs incoming {Joystiq}

Mar 7th 2012 12:36PM @The Moof
You are charged per-patch on a console up to $100k per patch according to an annoucement Bethesa made explaining why there's not much patching done on Skyrim for the xbox 360/PS3 versus PC.

Yes, they patch consoles extremely slowly b/c they have to pay a huge amount of money they often won't recoup to patch a game. It's lame -- but -- true. If patches were free on the xbox 360 like PC, you'd already have your Super Patch out. If you really want that patch today, you could donate $100k to dice :P.

Get a job in Final Fantasy XIV {Massively}

Mar 5th 2012 10:08PM A year late + some change and a dollar short.

Canada's Future Shop adds Mass Effect 3 to Kinect sensor bundle {Joystiq}

Mar 3rd 2012 11:01AM @(Unverified)
I think your confusing Irish people with Canadian people. Given were both white and most people's abilities to use a map, I understand.

Skyrim beta update 1.4.26 live on Steam {Joystiq}

Feb 21st 2012 5:22AM @liquidsoap89
It designed as a bit of a dis-incentive for publishers to not ship crappy-half-assed finished games with the 'Oh...we'll patch it later' mentality that sometimes effects the PC gaming market due to the 'Open and free' patch thing.

A lot of mmorpgs like Final Fantasy 14: Epic Launch-Failure Edition are known for this where the game spent over a year and a few months being patched/updated/patched/updated/revamped before the company even felt it was worth charging a monthly fee for. Yet -- Square Enix was happy to take early adopters and literal 'beta testers' $60.00 from them for that unfinished peice of junk with the promise of 'patching it' ...later.

If Square Enix had to pay $40k for each update, it's released...being on update 1.21 or so. Yes, that would have been a huge $840,000.00 incentive to release a working game.

Starbreeze lets 25 go after finishing Syndicate {Joystiq}

Feb 17th 2012 11:55PM @Lerkero
Probably not that inefficient. I guarantee you they probably laid off the 25 least skilled and least contributing team members (at least in management's eyes) of their 93 staff.

In theory, they probably 'kept' the talented and got rid of the 'talentless' and the 'talent' will continue to make DLC for syndicate generating more money and if successful work on Syndicate two. If you had a bunch of full-time employees and hired on some 'contracts', it would be harder to lay off the full-time employees and hire the contracts that were talented without actually firing them which could be bad PR and for morale.

If in the future, they make Syndicate two and can't find skilled employees and just need bodies. They could always hire back the laid off employees since if they really are bad employees they may still be laid off.

Do Japanese RPGs need good stories? {Joystiq}

Feb 16th 2012 2:21PM @marumarumaru
I think the problem with Western gamers and no place for storyline in the medium comes down to graphics details and storage limitations. So many western games are focusing on making really shiny, high-resolution, ultra-stylistic gameplay that 6 reasonably large levels easily fills up a 4.7GB disc and --IF--a company uses a double spaced disc for 8GB, those extra 3-4 levels don't add a lot of gameplay-time.

It's hard to make a comprehensive story arc, perform character development and set/expand on a world when single-player games often last 6 hours. The large the size of art assets, the better the quality but less of them can be included on a single DVD. Even blu-ray discs don't help that much as most data has to be doubled or tripped on blu-ray discs due to the slow read speeds and even then its often 'uncompressed' so you are not allowed any 'more' art assets. Even then, multi-platform titles are limited by the smallest storage medium.

We just need the next generation of consoles to come out already! What's being done on PC exclusives is leaps and bounds ahead.

Final Fantasy XIV previewing player residences for patch 1.21 {Massively}

Feb 14th 2012 11:32PM Yes, a long way indeed. To think, after only a single year and several months worth of effort they got rid of a fatigue system and added a bonus rested exp system, still do not have an auction house but have a slightly closer system to an auction house and added a several storyline quests to mix in with their incredibly terribly guildleve system.

Combat is still pretty terrible but ok to watch ... for the first month or so. Slow-paced combat. Not much strategy involved. Better than it was before though. Oh also they've added a total of about 5 dungeons to the game over that time frame and 0 raids. Also, a few areas to grind mobs repetitively.

Final Fantasy XIV previewing player residences for patch 1.21 {Massively}

Feb 14th 2012 11:29PM @Raikulxox

Good community? I think you meant to say dead community. Server-merge necessary type dead community. The game was so good that the own company who made the game determined it wasn't worth paying a monthly fee for, for about 16 months after its release and just last month started to charge fees and a few days later annouced server-merges. IE, so many people quit/felt it wasn't worth paying for and servers being so low-pop, they had to merge people together.

Keep in mind, developer also removed the /sea or /see command to search for how many players are actually online at any given time. Towns feel relatively dead/under populated and you have to spend 20-30 hours shouting for a party before you find a full 8 person party for grinding mobs which might last 2 hours at most which one of the eight people gradually dropping out over said time till the exp isn't worth it.

Beautiful game but lacking so much including auction houses, real-quests, a decent story, combat, etc. It's getting better but is still probably a year off worth paying any kind of monthly fee for and the community now is just religiously devoted die-hards. The majority of the gaming community has left FFXIV's carcass. Square Enix is now just hoping releasing this steaming pile of .... quality on the PS3 community will make it successful by adding new players into the community of said players that didn't feel the game was worth paying for prompting server merges.

Zynga lost over $400 million in 2011 while 58.5 million people played its games every day {Joystiq}

Feb 14th 2012 11:23PM This isn't so bad...or at bad as it seems because it sounds like its a one-time huge loss due to owing present and past employees ton of stock options via contractual obligations written in when they were hired.

If $1.4 billion dollars was say 5-10 years worth of bonuses then 1 year of bonuses next year should only be 1/5th to 1/10th that amount and Zyna might seem like 800 million in profit form its online adventures. That wouldn't be too terribly different than Blizzard's miking of World of Warcraft subscribers 9 million-ish subscribers at $12-15 dollars a month for maybe an average of 8-11 months a year?

Blizzard taking Valve to court over 'DOTA' trademark {Joystiq}

Feb 11th 2012 3:38PM @LexStewther

The fact the DOTA one developer works at Valve and he coined the phrase makes it more his product/name more so than Blizzards. Working for Valve that ownership seems to transfer more to Valve than anywhere else.

Besides, Leage of Legends uses a DOTA-style gameplay and could easily be described as a standalone DOTA product seperate from a mod. So really, I'd argue that if anything the term is too general to be copyrighted in that its almost already 'common language'. It would be almost akin to trying to copyright 'Color Television' after 3 companies were already producing TVs 'modded' to have Color capabilities.