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Dear NY Times, Here's Why I Haven't 'Grown Up.' Love, a 20-Something {Lemondrop}

Aug 20th 2010 2:21PM I don't inherently have a problem with people taking their time to figure out what they want to do in their life. However, there are some drawbacks to that. In today's economy, can a person really afford to have jobs and apartments for only 1-2 years at a time? Can a person afford to move across the country to follow their dream without racking up thousands of dollars in credit card debt?

Or, as I thought reading this article, do your parents want you back home and mooching off them or were they looking forward to finally getting some time for their own dreams that they put aside to have you 20-something years ago? I'm fine with 20-somethings pursuing their dreams and finding themselves, but have enough responsibility to be able to care for yourself without sabotaging other people or your own future.

Win a year of Curse's premium service {WoW}

May 12th 2009 11:44AM Posting, 1, 2, 3

Win more TCG loot with WoW Insider {WoW}

May 5th 2009 12:57PM Awesome! Sounds like a party.

Insider Trader: The patch 3.1 glyph market {WoW}

Apr 20th 2009 10:42AM Yes, us greedy scribes. You don't want to pay the glyph prices, don't buy them. I did a semi-casual perusal of the AH with my Scribe on patch day, saw what prices were good, and made a quick dash around Arathi/Wetlands to get Lions and Jadefire inks. I found that, apart from the new glyphs, the ones that sold the most for me were the vanity minor glyphs (Levitate, Water Walking, Unburdened Rebirth, etc) and, not surprisingly, healer glyphs. With even just a casual approach to the suddenly booming glyph market, I was able to make about 3k. I figure this is the last time this profession will be readily profitable (aside from Nobles decks), so I'm happy to take my profit given the arduous task I had in leveling up this profession, which other than Patch 3.1 has only served to make free glyphs for my guild mates and little else.

Dual specs at low levels {WoW}

Feb 17th 2009 11:29AM More important for me is getting comfortable with the different spells and abilities you get with the different talent trees. We were short a Naxx healer last night, and despite normally tanking on my druid, I respecced to Tree. I did okay, but I was overwhelmed by the new buttons on my bar. Yes, I'd used the basic healing spells while leveling, and used them decently last night, but figuring out the new abilities, when to use them, the cooldowns, etc was problematic (and if I hadn't been leveling up a baby holy priest, I think it would have gone much, much worse in Naxx). It would just be nice to gain some familiarity while leveling up with a dungeon spec, before you're suddenly thrown in harder content with a whole new set of buttons on your bar.

Breakfast Topic: Should the girlfriend play WoW? {WoW}

Jan 8th 2009 11:14AM My husband and I once had a fight b/c I was trying to solo Gnomergon and I got lost. He tried to "help" me by explaining how to get out, only to get me more lost. I finally had to yell at him "I'm just whining, I don't actually NEED you to save me!"

Whatever you do, do not make your girlfriend be a healer. I have so many male friends who decide they're going to make something big and tough, and they'll get their girlfriend into the game so she can heal them. Own up, be a man, roll a healer and let your girlfriend kick some ass!

Ask WoW Insider: The ninja debuff {WoW}

Nov 25th 2008 1:55PM I try to be a decent player and tend to give a good berth between myself and other players unless requested (or if they're running form 5 mobs). However, I do really enjoy getting back at impatient or assh9le-ish people. One example was a named mob respawn that my husband (Pally) and I (F. Druid) were waiting on, and a Belf Pally ran up and started consecrating (none of us were flagged) to get the mob. Quick thinking husband pops his PVP flag, Belf goes PVP, he tries to bubble, but I pounce, then stun him again, and he was dead. Then the mob respawned and we got him all to ourselves.

If you let people make you angry in this game, you're only hurting yourself, because I promise you, they don't care if it's rude, mean, unsportsmanlike. So, instead, I just try to have the best time getting even with the jerks that I can.

Breakfast Topic: The new 5-mans {WoW}

Nov 24th 2008 11:33AM Gundrak is my favorite, but I say this with the qualifier "so far." I've said that a lot as we've gone through. My poor little druid is only 73, but so far our group has managed multiple runs through Uthgarde, Nexus, Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom, Drak'Tharon Keep, and last night, Gundrak. Can I just say that the fight graphics have improved SO much over BC! Gundrak provides a whole new understanding to the "Gore" mechanic.

Now just to get to 80 so I can compare the rest of the dungeons.

Hunter pet aggro may be fixed in Wrath {WoW}

Jul 24th 2008 12:08PM Pshhh, hunters are gods. I'll take buffs, I won't complain about nerfs, I love the class.

Also loving that this article used my favorite boar model as the picture. Go Baldric!