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Believe it or Don't: Patch 3.1 notes leaked? [Updated] {WoW}



Believe it or Don't: Patch 3.1 notes leaked? [Updated] {WoW}

Jan 31st 2009 8:14PM "• Shapeshifting no longer costs mana, but there is now a 3 second cooldown.

• Master Shapeshifter: Bear Form – Reduces all damage taken by 2%."

Shapeshifting will never have a cooldown unless there are talents to reduce it to 0. Currently there are talents that reduce the mana cost of shapeshifting to virtually nil, enabling free shifting in PVP, as those talents are not PVE talents.

Bears do not need 2% damage reduction via talents. What we need is scaling threat which is provided via Master shapeshifter and Protector of the Pack. While threat was ridiculous in Naxx, as my guild gears up I am needing more threat generation stats. Threat generating stats are the ONLY place for druids to go. We cap arond 40% dodge, I have achieved that, we also have tremendous HP< I have 53K and still have 2 items to get, approaching 55K HP. Threat is all that is left. This simply wont happen.

"• Swipe: This ability has been reworked; it will now hit all targets within a 5 yard radius of the druid. Damage dealt by Swipe has also been slightly increased."

The last thing Druids need is less AOE viability with the restraints of 5 yards. Also Swipe is the Druids HIGHEST threat ability. It was recently BUFFED by 50% threat while MANGLE was NERFED by 16%. This buff, while I would love it, would make threat for bears an EXTREME non issue. I would NEVER have to think about str, hit, crit or otherwise. Not happening.

"• Infected Wounds: Swipe can now trigger this ability."

WHOA this would make the Druid bear tank rotation become, Swipe, Swipe, Swipe.....

"• Berserk: Also reduces the rage cost of all your Bear Form abilities by 50%."

Berserk is perfect as is. Druids dont NEED more rage. Going Berserk and spamming Mangle generates enough rage to sustain itself with excess left over. This is just asinine.

"• Improved Faerie Fire: Now grants melee and spell hit."

It already grants spell hit and wouldn't be worded this way.

"• Entangling Roots: No longer deals damage."

Yea right. What are the changes to the Bramble talent and Glyph of Entangling roots?

Furthermore where are the changes to the Talents Natural Shapeshifter, Infected Wounds and as mentioned above Brambles and Improved Fairie Fire?

Bear Druids are extremely boring right now, and these changes would make them even more boring, to the point that I would stop playing. They are OP right now. OP I am one of them, These notes would make them so OP, bah. You are either a very shitty Bear Druid or are completely ignorant of them and looked to things you didnt understand about their class and talents and made them fit into your classes niche or your philosophy of want from your perspective of play.

The time has come to remove you from my iGoogle homepage. Increasingly you are irresponsible in your reporting, denigrating yourself back down to some dude with a blog that he and his friends post dubious "news" items on with vigilant reports of blue posts, which are usually days old, in the attempt to look informed and legitimate.

Dual specs and the importance (or not) of saving gold {WoW}

Jan 19th 2009 6:54PM Feral tank druids do NOT have an easy time with this. There are 2 COUNT THEM TWO feral specs. Tanking bear and DPS CAT.

They are mutually exclusive.

Druids have 4 FOUR specs now. 2 of which cannot get them gold via easy grinding, bear and tree.

There is ANOTHER problem not addressed here. RAIDS

We sometimes have 3 or 4 tanks. Even having the minimal 2 we have fights like Thaddius where we could USE that extra DPS slot. SO its respec or step out, especially a month ago when DPS was at a premium, or on Malygos where it is a rush to get to phase 3.

We want more tanks, but require less and less in raids. We have already had 2 tanks go pretty much only DPS now. I dont know that they are happy, I know I would hate having to DPS I love tanking, but I also know that I get no monetary rewards from it. We all get the same wipe repairs and tanks get that little extra something, loss of durability becasue they are the ones getting hit by every single mob.

Before it wasnt an issue, I used auctioneer and made about 1K gold per day. I transfered from massively overpopulated Mal Ganis to a low pop server with my guild. I now have no means of income. Doing dailies is a chore. I am on my second mob and others are leaving for the next daily. I face 2 times the number of opposing faction players and take twice as long to do dailies. And I regularly go cat in tank gear and spec because I do MORE DPS than tanking Paladins, DKs and Warriors. So I cant imagine how much it sucks for them. Ya know like MAAAAYBE 1300 DPS.....

On TOP of this tankign is SO boring now. I stack stamina, all I have is stam and dodge and dodge has diminishing returns. The other tank classes are running into this as well except they have a bit more to work with, block, parry etc. Threat is a joke. I am bored out of my mind as tanking is a joke now.

SO prepare for less tanks. Unless we get this dual spec system.

Steelseries WoW mouse not so wow-worthy? {WoW}

Jan 17th 2009 2:52PM I am a Mac user, a diehard Mac fanboi.

Ironically, I WONT use ANYTHING except a Microsoft Mouse. They are simply the best I have found without spending a damn fortune, I already did that on my Mac, lol:)

But seriously, this is WoW, you dont need ultra precision superfast mice, this isn't an FPS.

Titanguard appears to still be part of 3.0.8 {WoW}

Jan 12th 2009 9:16PM I certainly hope it is added. I didnt enchant my origin of Nightmares for nearly 2 weeks because I was hoping the patch was going to come out. After doing the math and seeing that I would get 0.4 - 0.6%%dodge with 35 AGI and on average about the same with Mongoose, neither is worth even bothering to put on any feral tank weapons.

The Ghostcrawler Experiment {WoW}

Jan 12th 2009 9:11PM Blizzard is giving us exactly what we wanted. We wanted Naxx, we got it, we wanted more 10 mans, we certainly got that, we wanted to know WHY we had changes made to everything that ever changes, we got that with GC.

I dont care if he is telling you you are getting all of your talents taken away and too bad so sad your class is being removed from the game,at least he is telling you, and is going to give reasons, and usually very good ones with consideration of the game as a whole.

This is a FAR cry from Classic WoW, BC beta and BC where we were told NOTHING. Stuff was removed, we weren't told why and forums EXPLODED in HUGE threads of doom and gloom about WoW's future and specific classes or features future.

It was a very good lesson in mass psychology. You dont ignore the elephant in the room or people make things up and hysteria ensues.

So GC here is nothing BUT a good thing.

Let's not forget the past before we condemn the present and kill the messenger.

Why healing meters suck {WoW}

Jan 8th 2009 9:50PM While I agree with your blog...This does not tell WHY healing meters suck. it just opines that they do. Explain why or change the title of your blog .....

Compare gear easily with Pawn {WoW}

Jan 6th 2009 4:42AM Thanks a lot. This is one I missed. i had heard about it but was using Ratings Buster so didn't think anything could be better than from the man who writes it and Tank Points, nothing is yet, because this is different.

I am pretty happy lately with stat weightings. it makes juggling gear more fun and in some cases more of what you want, character-wise. I do miss having a set square list to just reference, but with stat weightings, brought about with the likes of diminishing returns and other things, make gearing up more fun and a better meta experience IMHO.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Mike Morhaime wins 2008 award from OC* Business Journal {WoW}

Jan 5th 2009 3:53PM But Blizzard gave us free time including 5 days of credit in Novemeber 2004, 2 days in January 2005, 3 days in April , another in June and 2 more in August. During that time they were implementing new servers and getting together to prepare for the expansion, and general server health, by upgrading with 1500 AMD Opteron servers.

They managed to do it, AND keep the majoity of their players happy and STILL expand. THAT is the true success of Blizzard, succeeding with unexpected success.

I personally believe that they were forced to slow down release of their expansion in order to make it more casual and perhaps a lil bit because they weren't prepared, with more personnel coming on and organization of the company etc. I am sure it was freaking nuts around there, but a good nuts.

All indicators were that they were ready for release of BC and then the infamous casual vs hardcore sprang up em masse on the forums and in game causing them to rethink and revamp much of what was BC.

Now with WotLK we have a lot of what was wanted way back during classic's reign. Simply because these things take time.

Make no mistake, had WoW not been so successful we would be in a hardcore raid or die EQ type of game rather than the casual friendly WoW we have now.

So grats to Mike and Blizz for a job very well done.

Mike Morhaime wins 2008 award from OC* Business Journal {WoW}

Jan 5th 2009 3:51PM Blizzard simply "was not prepared" for their success. They sold out ALL of their 250,000 copies the first day and had around 150,000 people playing, IIRC, the rest came on after they got their copies for christmas. That first month of december, and a lil bit of November, was pretty smooth considering.

They DID have to scramble to launch new servers immediately, every week was a new 5 or 10 servers as they tried to simply keep up with demand. Those servers that were up suffered from crashes and the infamous "loot lag". There were also frustrating "rollbacks" where the server crashed and was rolled back to a previous point in time. Once I had to walk all the way back across Ashenvale, AGAIN!, very frustrating, and another I had to gather more gizzards in Blasted lands after getting enough to finish my quests there >