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Ulduar and Blizzard's "hard modes" {WoW}

Jan 2nd 2009 3:03PM if Ulduar is the difficulty of Ulduar then Ensidia is going to clear it within the first 3 hours of launch, or whenever they decide to log on. We run full Naxx clears on Heroic mode with half pugs most of the time, the raids are REALLY, REALLY ridiculously easy this xpac. Were all old hardcore raiders, so yea from my perspective hard-cores will clear it first week no problem, hell even my guild which is now casual, and as I said pugs, will probably clear most if not all of it the first week.

That is my expectations. As for the extra drakes thing, that is great. I know that we have the choice to do the drakes and will have that choice in ulduar, but damn it is nice to grab some pugs and just do sarth regularly instead of having to call the raid, or recruit a bunch of retards that we have to keep on the roster instead of just the core group we have that is great and slowly building as we find more great players.

Prop Blizz this is what I as an old hardcore and current casual that wants challenges available wanted.

Guildwatch: It's our raid now {WoW}

Dec 23rd 2008 8:31PM Nephilim on Akama downed Thaddius and 2 shot Saph 25 last night. KT to 60%. KT and Maly on notice for devastation after Christmas.

Shifting Perspectives: So. Um, do bears suck?: Part II {WoW}

Dec 17th 2008 7:16AM Yea, heroics are not so much difficult as they are just frustrating and needlessly difficult in areas, if you understand my meaning.

I used to be ever vigilant of adds and patrols and looking ahead to the next pull and marking the next pull. In Wrath I am simply ever vigilant in making sure that WHEN a mob I am tanking gets loose I pick it up and where I can reposition myself when that happens. Instances are slowed down significantly due to this and my personal satisfaction and sense of success and accomplishment is severely diminished. The run gets done, I usually get compliments, but I don't like the way I performed or what I had to do to be successful.

Shifting Perspectives: So. Um, do bears suck?: Part II {WoW}

Dec 17th 2008 7:08AM I have encountered all of the listed problems.

Tanking has become a chore on my Druid. I used to literally pull Shattered Halls in 4 pulls, pro group excellent healer, everyone including myself pulling out all of the stops, lock in tow kiting an elite, mage novaing what he could and focus firing down mobs. it was my favorite time in all of WoW ever.

i simply am not able to do this anymore. There are mostly 3 - 4 pulls now and they all hit hard. I regrow, rejuve, lifebloom and pull with swipe and maul(glyphed, and old school tab target back and forth and it just isn't enough sometimes. DPS is used to the more populous Warrior and Pally tanks and start to AOE immediately. I used to have a quite a bit of time to establish aggro before the healer had to heal me, usually a POM and renew kept me up until serious healing began. Now I am constantly finding healers taking aggro because they HAVE to heal me before I have established aggro.

A lot of this is due to the agility nerf and level reset versus fresh level 80+ mobs. Even so I am comparing Shattered Halls in greens and quested/crafted blues to current 4 piece t7 and a couple Naxx 213 epics in tow.

next patch we get a significant armor upgrade, i gain around 10% DR overall and the Swipe buff will leave me standing about right. I worry about other druid tanks that arent as geared as me or as experienced. I am frustrated now and I can only imagine how they feel.
But its still good. I remember off tanking BWL and struggling with that, not to mention acceptance and relentless scrutiny from my raid leaders. So this is still a place i can work within.

The LOS issue is certainly there, but it can be worked with. Make your group stay back and pull back, far back nowadays.

Overall I am not satisfied with my bear tank. it is difficult to discern if it is me, the class or the group I am in. A lot of it DOES have to do with healers and DPS having to relearn how to play with bears and when to heal and DPS with them etc.

Anyways that is my experience.


Do you care about PvP anymore? {WoW}

Dec 16th 2008 3:27PM There are 3 problems here.

* Blizzard is still reeling from the ill fate of the HW grind and original BG implementation. Their Arena system is an attempt to have an ESport of WoW, much like their counterpart SC and WC3, which was successful.

* Players complained about HW grind and were told they would be given a PVP play-style that didn't involve a HW grind or AFK sessions. They got arenas when they were expecting a BG fix. Now to be successful, they usually have to bail on their friends and spec a very specific way.

On top of that you have to hunt for yourself to find a team, or create a new team, WEEKLY. This has come about because in arenas it is ALL about the class and NOT about the skill. It doesn't matter that I am a Feral Druid and my best friend is a Mage. We will never play together. We will spec right, he will look for a Rogue Ill look for a War and that is that. It is also very patronizing, to me at least. The last time I healed on my Druid was in Ahn Quiraj, I am rusty to be sure. Yet in arenas, as resto, I am a freaking GOD, albeit a pillar humping travel-form popping one.

* Players Arena for the GEAR. The MAJORITY of players I have encountered over 3 servers and 3 guilds in the time arenas have been out DO NOT LIKE ARENAS. They DESPISE them and they want to do BGs, with their friends, for gear.

Blizzard needs to realize that the failure of BG/HW grind was not the grind itself, it was the ceaselessness of the grind, the maintenance of your rank by the LITERAL necessity of continuos 18 hour plus play per day. People WANT to grind out BGs for gear, at their own pace, just like the entire rest of the game is a huge grind. It just doesn't require 24/7 play to maintain your Onyxia key or your MC attunement. Let us collect 500 marks of each BG for a piece of gear, that is all we wanted, NOT having to bail on our friends and spam in trade chat LFClassX 1800 2s PST, where its some schmo well never talk to again when were done, like a bad one night stand.

Lake Wintergrasp sucks just as much with the Tenacity buff in tow.

The bottom line is, YOU CANT BALANCE THE CLASSES. If you COULD we would be able to play with our friends in Arenas and have set teams. because we CANT we want to play with our friends. We CAN in BGs. NOW there are now rewards for playing in BGs other than the accompaniment of your Friends.

This leads down a line where we are playing with our friends in PVE content only, chatting on vent. Once we get the raids on farm status, for me, in about 2 weeks is my expectation, we will start looking for other things to do on the 4 nights a week we have off of raiding. SINCE we wont be BG and CERTAINLY NOT ARENAS. (Add your own conclusion here)

Feral staves no more in patch 3.0.8 {WoW}

Dec 14th 2008 4:01PM It looks like, roughly, FAP = Weapon DPS x 10.
I HOPE it is that simple.

Would be nice to see what the druid tooltip is and what the FAP actually is now.

Feral staves no more in patch 3.0.8 {WoW}

Dec 14th 2008 3:44PM 90 Str = 228.6 AP in cat with Kings and Mark it scales higher, with AP it does nothing, HUGE nerf to Cat Druids, HUGE.

This is considering that NONE of the feral gear, I.E. Rogue gear, and I dont mean were being egotistical and choosing Rogue gear, Rogue gear is the only gear out there, DOES NOT have Str on it.

I also do not like the whole tooltip tells you what FAP you get, but only Druids can see it, try explaining to your raid leader what FAP you get from a weapon, when he cant see your tooltip, while Hunters and Wartards are arguing over the same weapon.

It also seems to be another way to CONTINUE to arbitrarily give us some FAP number they want us to have instead of an exact formula based on the Base DPS of the weapon, and another reason to remove Str.

They DO NOT want Cats to scale AT ALL. They want us to give us specific AP values and be far behind any other DPS class, PERIOD.

THIS is why I am NOT a Cat. GOD forbid tat a Cat is on par with rogues, Wartards and DKs.

As a MT my time is limited as well. The Stamina gap is closing fast as we progress through Naxx and bears have NO mitigation stat, EXCEPT for Agility which has been nerfed by 2/3 instead of 14 agility=1% dodge, now 39 THIRTY NINE Agi = 1% dodge.

And that is it, no block, no parry, Just Agility and Stam. Include the beautiful DR and were set up to fail RIGHT on our face in Ulduar.


Ghostcrawler on dual specs and loot tied to achievements {WoW}

Dec 8th 2008 7:14PM Things change when you have everyone bitchin and moaning about stupid achievements and then you implement some very simple ones and see EVERYONE and their DOG go and do every achievement possible.

Things change.

This is the type of thing that is NEEDED to hedge level bloat.

WoW will eventually HAVE to do expansions without level increases, they will need something to make it worthwhile.

Levels are a mask to reset gear and mechanics, they are not needed. Simply making better gear and harder instances will suffice, Achievements are a way to expand that.

Ghostcrawler on dual specs and loot tied to achievements {WoW}

Dec 8th 2008 6:59PM Naxx was and still is terrible. Boatloads of trash, Miniboss gargoyles, gauntlets etc, Great ideas but very poor implementation.

The only thing Naxx had was great encounter designs, for the time. Getting to those encounters was a waste of time. In hindsight had there been less frivolous, time consuming ridiculous trash more people could have seen Naxx. AQ and BWL were seen by more and AQ had encounters that rivaled and in some cases surpassed Naxx. Of course AQ gear was crap sidegear/PVP gear, so who wanted to go anyway?

Classic Naxx was THE last hurrah for the EQ mindset,"hardcore" masochistic, stay up farming mats for the raid tomorrow and get every buff in game and world buffs so you can have a 30 second window to succeed or fail, in raid design. If that is your mountain, then yea it could be your pinnacle.

No one liked it. BC was put off for another YEAR because no one liked it. They had to redesign BC as much as they could so as to NOT lose their core casual player-base.

Wrath is EVERYTHING we asked for during and AFTER Naxx was launched and before BC. they simply had not had time to design and implement what the MAJORITY of players wanted, hell Naxx was designed before Classic WoW launch!

As far as the population goes, I have been on 3 servers over 4 years. The casuals are the ones still around. The "hardcore" guilds and players have left, and not because its easy now, because they got burnt out. One of them being my own early BC guild which farmed BT for 4 months while waiting and waiting for Sunwell. Did PTR Kalecs and on release zerged through it and said screw it called it quits.

The encounters are now designed around 10 mans, then they make them harder for "Hardcores". I would venture that this is the new norm and business model.

"Hardcores" need to find a new game, and many have. You have to remember that Blizz was NOT prepared, excuse the pun, for their success. "Hardcore" WAS their goal, but with casuals in mind, opening the door a little. They didnt know the casuals would tear down the building.

WoW is also entering a state of permanency, like EQ and other MMOs, where you find your guild and make a home and experience the content. We are so far along now with level 80 and so many zones that more and more of the players are getting into their own world and blinding out the rest. You have your guild and your online friends and that is it. So subsequently world and server firsts become less of an issue as you only become concerned with your own success within your domain.

Naxx is easy now because of the sheer time to research and practice. There were 2 running weekly level 70 zergfests on my server MalGanis and many many people learned Naxx inside out with those. With beta availability, Naxx 40 experience and Blizzs plan to ease us into Wrath without any Kara/Gruul/Mag to SSC/TK gaps, I myself have been frustrated that I already have nothing to do but sit in IF or Dal and wait to raid. But I think that is the place we want to be, I just didn't expect it to happen so soon.

The Army's Artificial Intelligence invades WoW {WoW}

Nov 6th 2008 9:58PM If they are successful Blizzard wont know that they are bots...YOU WONT KNOW if they are bots. We are talking SERIOUS AI here, not scripted bosses. Gonna be cool to find out someone is a bot, if we ever do lol, and to always wonder if that best friend that is on at 8 pm every night is really a robot Muuahahaha. . and I bet they are much better players than most, as every military player I have played with has been fantastic, especially in groups, assuming they program in the skills of military personnel.