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Encrypted Text: Levels 21-40 {WoW}

Jan 31st 2008 3:16AM What I don't really understand is why everyone says a rouge should use swords while leveling... As far as I can remember my rouge used daggers and only daggers - distracting enemies and attacking them from behind. When you have skilled improved sap it's so easy to pickpocket and seperate a group of two enemies and kill them one by one.
Also the imp. stealth talent helps you to just sneak up to a certain quest target, kill him/her and go back. I always like this way of getting a quest done, because it's quiet, quick and effective. So for me this was a lot of fun!

I also understand that people who want to level quickly should try and kill as many mobs as possible, so that may be a reason for the combat tree. But if you have some time and want to have some rougish fun, try the assasination tree as well. ;)