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Removing diminishing honor to the fix the AFK problem {WoW}

Feb 7th 2008 4:53AM Personally I think this change is being brought in to bring WSG, AB and EotS honor up to the same standard as AV, as well as to make playing AV properly more appealing.

Loads more kills happen in the non-AV BGs and if the honor there isn't going to diminish until you've killed somebody 50 times (which never happens) then it should mean that these BGs get significantly increased honor returns.

Unfortunately it could also have the effect that AV becomes the grindfest in the Field of Strife or that WSG becomes a GY camping zone. It doesn't matter as much in AV and EotS because you'll be gathering resources and farming the opposing team means that you're winning the BG already and you'll soon win. but HK farming can make WSG and AV last indefinitely.