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The AV map imbalance in patch 2.3 {WoW}

Feb 1st 2008 1:11AM Very well written article.

I've played in AV since before and after the patch and I've seen my share of wins and losses, both on my Alliance server and my Horde server, yes I play both but mostly Horde. I've not lost a single match on my Horde since about a month before 2.3 but that could've just been luck. I will agree that Alliance do have a slight disadvantage in that we can get to IBGY and such first. There is one thing that Alliance could do and that is continue queueing...I know that they don't win but the thing is that they will if things continue as they are. In my battlegroup, all Horde does is go on Offense with about five people sitting back and screaming at everyone for not going on Defense. All Alliance have to do is realize that there are like 35 people up at the top and no one on defense to be able to go around this massive force. There is one thing that I've always heard while I'm playing AV and that is that if Galv dies then we are screwed. That is quite true. So if Alliance ignore the mass and just go around where there is no defense it would be a lot easier to win an AV. Right now, when I'm on Offense, all I see is Alliance grinding honor. It's not that fun anymore. I love battlegrounds where you are not sure who is going to win and with the way that Horde is playing, our own hubris is going to get the better of us. We know we are going to win. I used to go into AV everyday and now if it isn't a daily I won't bother. Where is the fun in knowing that you are going to win?