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When queue times lie {WoW}

Apr 22nd 2008 5:05PM It happened to me before one of my team mates told me he didnt have the queue. Once i successfully queued team again it was fine.

WoW Insider Show live on the virtual air tomorrow afternoon {WoW}

Feb 29th 2008 4:04PM What weapon is that in the picture?


WoW Insider Weekly {WoW}

Feb 19th 2008 4:29PM I really hate how these posts are so long on the main page, i hate having to scroll down a lot to get to anything else.

PTR Notes: Miscellaneous changes {WoW}

Feb 15th 2008 3:55AM Really wouldnt consider an increase in amount of mana drained through drain mana a major buff for warlocks. Past few patches we havn't had anything "fun" being released with new patches, i find warlocks quite boring to play really.

Blizzard cinematic artists nominated for VES awards {WoW}

Feb 10th 2008 3:08PM Well done Blizz on getting nominated.

2.4 patch notes up {WoW}

Feb 9th 2008 4:47AM "Honor will now be instantly calculated, and available for player use."

So as soon as we get it we can spend it, no waiting till like 2Am?

The AV map imbalance in patch 2.3: a different perspective {WoW}

Feb 8th 2008 11:42AM A few rogues stealthing past the bridge can easily get the two towers and graveyard. From experience around 3-4 allies guard this area and you can easily take them out with rogue + druid combos stealthing through.

The AV map imbalance in patch 2.3: a different perspective {WoW}

Feb 8th 2008 11:38AM Dont know why everything, where PvP is concerned, has to be balanced. Horde can easily win this BG if they work together, depends hugely on tactics and you will be up against players from level 61-70. So it could be the case that sometimes the horde will have a load of low levels and then wonder why they loose?

Maybe AV should be made level 70 only. Alliance on my battlegroup seems to loose other battlegrounds quite badly but then other times we win by a long shot, so the outcome of BG's is based on so many variables which is part of its lure for me.

Your Guide to Dailies: Unlocking Blade's Edge {WoW}

Feb 2nd 2008 11:12AM Well worth the time and effort in my opinion.

Breakfast Topic: The great Kara divide {WoW}

Feb 2nd 2008 8:39AM The guild i am in has 2 kara groups, signup is done on forums and its pretty much first come first serve. From experience i have found that youll get the odd person who leaves early or doesn't turn up, in which case someone else from the guild fills in - works quite well