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Battlefield 3 mega patch hitting Xbox 360 tomorrow {Joystiq}

Apr 2nd 2012 10:32PM @wunwunx Don't forget the upcoming Skyrim DLC, MS has rights for that first aswell. The list does go on but i cba :P

Microsoft goes baller with chromed out 360 controllers {Joystiq}

Apr 2nd 2012 4:39PM @VioletArrows

Not sure where you're looking but quick google shows multiple shops still selling them.

Report: Hackers can pull credit card info from old Xbox 360 hard drives {Joystiq}

Mar 30th 2012 1:53AM @Marshillboy And yet you are actaully further from the truth than you could imagine. Illusion of safety you seem to be living in. Forensic recovery works on the outer edges (tracks to those who know) of the HD and more often than not can pick up most of the drive even after a zero or low level format. This is one reason why data recovery exists, because even from something so dead, its possible to recover so much. Hell even from a drive thats unresponsive in BIOS using drive level commands that are kept to the forensic/recovery side you would be amazed what can be done!

As someone above said, nothing beats the feeling of taking a hammer to it, with good reason. Unless you have a nice giant magnet, even then you're never sure.

Report: Hackers can pull credit card info from old Xbox 360 hard drives {Joystiq}

Mar 30th 2012 1:48AM @All of the above

Sorry but you guys should be the first to know that a reformatted HD means nothing in terms of data loss. Unless its wiped to military/DOD standard (while im not american i know the standards they use) data is still there to be recovered, even then its still available, just alot harder. If you think wiping a hard drive is enough to wipe sensitive data then you are far from it.

While im surprised CC info is stored on the local HD, something that could be sorted it doesn't surprise me at all that if it is that people could get that info from it.

Reckoning rules UK sales chart {Joystiq}

Feb 13th 2012 12:06PM @Dirty Sorry but i dont think so either.

Demo or not its far from "the best this gen"

XBL language filter prevents harmless words from being used in Quarrel {Joystiq}

Jan 27th 2012 7:50PM @Helghast102 Didn't know about this one but very stupid. Sounds not to dissimilar to not being able to use Assault as a Custom Class name in CoD, yes it contains the word Ass, but its being used in a full legit word, not to mention it can only be seen player side. (Not sure if thats still exact with this Elite thing, maybe now you can see what players have called classes, don't know, but when it first was highlighted Elite didnt exist, least to the public)

XBL language filter prevents harmless words from being used in Quarrel {Joystiq}

Jan 27th 2012 7:47PM Help and train really confuse me, someone use an example above but still anyone word can be used to sound "naughty".

God i can kinda see, but first thing that comes to mind if i see god is hackers the film, 4 most used passwords, love, sex, secret and GOD :D lol

XBL language filter prevents harmless words from being used in Quarrel {Joystiq}

Jan 27th 2012 7:45PM @GuitarHero666 Had no idea those words were only limited to us Brits. Personally they are preferable, the rest sound like a teen from a certain place, but then i am biased in that i am from the ol island lol

Square Enix may not let Kane and Lynch's 'Sleeping Dogs' lie {Joystiq}

Jan 24th 2012 11:31PM If they remove the dodgy youtube style "video" perspective i might be inclined to buy/play the next one. I loved the first one, the second however after playing them demo i decicded to skip entirely, the grainy camera was just not something i could look past.

Its not even as though someone could of been wandering behind them capturing everything, that person would of been dead in seconds in most gunfights.

And that for me was what took me away pretty much forever from the series, i will remember the first one with love, unless they choose to come bk to a normal style camera with no grainy shit, buffering (seriously wtf?) and everything else they added for the 2nd game to make it look "authentic" (again, wtf?) I won't be coming back.

If they do come back to the first ones camera styles and decentish gfx, i'll be first in line!

Vita gets more Remote Play titles with hacked PS3 firmware {Joystiq}

Jan 23rd 2012 7:41PM @Tparsons5150 Idiot hackers? The exact opposite and this doesnt even contain piracy, just a jailbroken ps3 and i assume its piracy as to why you are calling them idiots. Hacking a system, any system, and adding features is certainly not idiocy.