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Drop rates surface on 2.4 items and substances {WoW}

Apr 1st 2008 8:53AM @11: I dunno that may be true but the drop rate on the residue is absurdly low. Farming 2 stacks of adamantite a day as well as doing the netherwing ore quest every day, and it still takes 2 days to complete it? Not much of a daily if it takes more than a day.

First day I got 2 badges on my main. I've done those quests every day on my main and every other on my alt. Haven't seen any badges since those first 2. Also have guildies who have yet to see a badge. Unless my guild has horrible luck I'd guess the drop rate is 5% at best.

Open fire! PTR 2.4 battleground changes {WoW}

Feb 11th 2008 9:16AM One druid on each side and it'd be over in 45 seconds flat .........

On my battlegroup the AV changes may help us a bit. We never had a chance to defend any bunkers. By the time we'd get to Belinda the Horde was already capping the first bunker. When getting to Iceblood Tower they'd already have D waiting on us. Fair? Hardly. Of course this won't stop their massive D turtle that totally wipes our O, forcing a slow painful reinforcement win that takes a minimum of a half hour.

All the World's a Stage: Class is in session {WoW}

Feb 4th 2008 8:30AM When I'm playing my warrior waiting for a queue in the battle room my hunter friend and I have a little fun.

Pop bloodrage and intervene him. He feigns death. I then /sorry or /lol . Looks like I charge and knock him down. Very amusing. :)