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Is Kinect Star Wars too accurate for Sand People? {Joystiq}

Jun 14th 2010 3:22PM Looks atrocious the graphics look like cutscenes from PS1 games

Xbox 360 slim shipping today for $299; 250GB HDD, built-in Wi-Fi {Joystiq}

Jun 14th 2010 3:12PM Definitely buying one of these I hope they do a trade-in offer because I don't have money lying around

Kinect accepts 'Your Shape' from Ubisoft {Joystiq}

Jun 14th 2010 3:10PM Get ready to work our ladies ;)

PAX East 2010: Hands-on with APB, part 2 {Massively}

Apr 2nd 2010 10:39AM I got into the beta and then it didn't work on my computer, so annoyed as it looks like a fantastic game, hope all these different systems work well and it isn't just a game for supercomputer systems

Xbox Live March schedule: Free Xbox Live Gold, XBLA sale {Joystiq Xbox}

Mar 23rd 2010 3:12PM That 1200 points for MW2 still makes my eyes and wallet sore

Spotted: Popcorn box o' Xbox 360 peripherals {Joystiq Xbox}

Sep 23rd 2009 2:05PM come on popcorn has a long shelf-life, a small bag in every box would have been at least funny the first-time

Capcom's triple-pack not coming to Europe {Joystiq Xbox}

Aug 11th 2009 12:57PM Well then im not coming to Capcom's triple-pack

Face meet fist: more Fight Night media to knock you out {Joystiq}

May 23rd 2009 4:48AM So the boxer's look amazing but everyone else looks like their visiting from PSone, did you see the security guards!!!

New Sims 3 trailer treks into our hearts {Joystiq}

May 20th 2009 4:59PM its a great game, maybe it woz my friends copy but the graphic havent really improved, and the men always look really feminin. but its still the same sims which i actually have missed for a longtime (havent played sims in a while). and they shit they say with those picture speech bubble cracks me up.
also being flirty with every single person in the whole sims world.

(tip : when u choose ur triats, chosse daredevil as one of them because if u do the alot of the options have "extreme" in front of them like "extreme sleep until extremly full of energy" gives u lolz for a bit.

Video: Physics at work in Fight Night Round 4 {Joystiq}

Apr 13th 2009 6:44PM "there was an invisible wall keeping the two boxers separated, which is not the case in Round 4"

phew I was afraid boxing games weren't gay enough.

FNR5 - "there was an invisible wall keeping the two boxers crotches separated, which is not the case in Round 5"

Also at least be subtle when your actually completely pillaging your old game.