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Character Transfer Controversy Continues {WoW}

Jun 29th 2006 11:35AM I agree with Brad. $25 is nothing unless you are a serious skinflint. The fee is not something you HAVE to pay. You can stay on whatever server you rolled on.

If you can come up with $15 a month to play, PLUS monthly cost of internet service, AND are able to afford a computer to play the game, but you can't come up with $25...then you have bigger issues other than where your favorite WoW character resides.

Four New Realms Today {WoW}

Jun 28th 2006 7:36AM There are always complaints when new servers open. But the new servers are apparently needed. Both realms I play on have had logon queues lately, even relatively late at night.

Griefing and self-governance in online games {Joystiq}

Jun 15th 2006 7:22AM Despite what the article implies, the mass bannings conducted by Blizzard are almost all the result of TOS violations, not griefing (though I guess you could argue that it's indirect griefing). Usually they ban accounts that are farming gold to be sold, often through the use of unattended bots. Notice that in Blizzard's last ban announcement, they mention that the banned accounts represented about 30 million gold.