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Midsummer Fun: A Thief's Reward {WoW}

Jun 23rd 2008 6:02PM Please add this info to the post here (I know it's said elsewhere on WoWInsider, but still): This quest requires level 50!

I did this yesterday on a 54 shaman, took some time but was lots of fun too. Today, I took my little level 22 Horde warlock to IF to begin the quest with him - since he doesnt have any head armor yet I thought it'd look really cool.

I spent the better part of two hours dying & rezing my way from Hammerfel to the flame in IF, and FINALLY got the flame. Only do discover level 50 required!

Needless to say I was more than a little peeved!

Insider Trader: Crafting a future for professions {WoW}

Feb 2nd 2008 12:25PM I love this idea, crafting is so much fun for me and I very much agree that it should be less of a pain in the ass. I'd love it if my lvl 10 character could be a Master Craftsman & make money actually making items, filling orders placed by both NPC's and players alike (much like in DAoC). Salvaging items for their parts (also from DAoC) would be a great addition to WoW - dont like that green quest drop, but want the things it's made otu of? Salvage it - like disenchanting for the other professions!

Salvaging would be one of the fist steps in the right direction, another includes making low-level crafted items relevant again. Someone, rightly, pointed out that for new characters what you can get from the AH is better than what you can craft at the same level. If you knew that crafting was going to get you an item of equal or greater value/utility than something on the AH you'd prolly make it yourself.

Following this line of reasoning I think it'd be great to see more - many more- low level (2-4 slot) crafted item sets to increase the draw to crafting. Especially if these sets have a specific look/feel/design that's different from your run of the mill gear. Make me wanna ware it!

Finally, if there could be some sort of more structural support for order-based crafting it'd be a huge help. I have a bunch of friends and guild-mates who often send me random trash-green items to disenchant I do this more or less for free, I say more or less because they often kick me 5 or 10g a week for providing them with all kindsa DE'd mats they use in their crafting or selling on the AH.