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All the World's a Stage: Getting too attached to a character {WoW}

Apr 25th 2010 1:01PM I never comment on here but I really felt the need to do so with this one. As someone who has RP'd in WoW for four years, I can honestly say that this was a very typical reaction that I used to see on a regular basis. For one thing, did you roll a character on Moon Guard or Wyrmrest Accord?
I know that not all RPers on those realms act like this, but MG seemed to have an awful lot of people interested in ERP. Whenever I would RP in a relationship with someone, ERP would always, always come up. The best advice I can give if you really want to RP in WoW is to not be bullied or pressured by these kinds of people. I echo the author's view that if you are getting the creep vibe, do yourself a favor and walk away.
There were so many times I should have just walked away and tossed in the towel and I didn't, and it lead to much more drama down the road. It wasn't worth it. RP in WoW can be fun and you will run into some extremely creative people that make it all worth it and a great experience, but for every great RPer in WoW, you'll have 10 more who want to ERP or do something you aren't comfortable with (like taking the relationship OOC, this has happened to me more times than I can count).
Good luck, and just be prepared for these sorts of things to happen again. You'll get the hang of it eventually!

Anti-Aliased: Shut up people, come buy my horse pt. 2 {Massively}

Apr 23rd 2010 8:13PM Blizzard got some of the money off the Pandaren monk. Just to clarify, they didn't give 100% of profits to Make a Wish, they gave 50%

Allods Online enters second closed beta, and we have keys for you! {Massively}

Nov 25th 2009 5:35PM I had a lot of fun in CBT#1 and looking forward to #2!

Starting out in Vana'diel: Character creation & taking your first steps {Massively}

Mar 3rd 2009 2:44PM I have tried a few times to get into FFXI, and have failed on every single attempt for the reasons those before me stated. I would have loved to play a corsair, or dragoon but instead you pretty much get stuck grinding off monsters for a very, very long time. There are actually plenty of free MMOs that allow you to do the same exact thing - grind endlessly off monsters to level up.
The missions never told me whether my level was appropriate for them or not and I wouldn't find out until after I got to the area and wiped a few times off tough monsters. The Playonline viewer is extremely prehistoric, I mean, I wish they'd just get rid of it already. I know a few people who absolutely love this game and I suppose that's why I always feel the urge to give it a go again, but I always feel like I'm missing something once I finally get into the game. I appreciate the guide, because I just downloaded the free trial and started a tarutaru. Of course, the NPC that is trying to "help me out" just told me to go level my dagger endless grinding u__u
I don't know, it looked interesting but I think I'm done trying to play FFXI permanently.

It's not that I wasn't satisified, but... {WoW}

Nov 22nd 2008 1:06PM I'm on an RP server, and honestly the only thing that bothers me is when people go out of their way to grief me due to my play style. I don't think I've ever reported a non-rp name before, because I just ignore it if I don't agree with it. But people who try to disrupt me...that's when I open up a ticket.

Countdown to Wrath Giveaway: Day 7 - BlizzCon Polar Bear Mounts {WoW}

Nov 6th 2008 2:34PM Oh, snazzy! Me, me, me!

Kungaloosh drink honors Disney's Adventurers Club {WoW}

Sep 9th 2008 8:24PM I think you're mistaken. Pleasure Island isn't closing, just that one particular club. Pleasure Island is staying open.

World of WarCrafts: Conjured photo frame {WoW}

Jul 10th 2008 3:35PM It's an MMO, not CNN. Sometimes there just isn't enough to write about WoW, and in place of notable news there are fillers. I for one like Shelbi's crafts, and am a frequent visitor to the Bronze Kettle. Some of her crafts are better than others, but she pretty much has to make a new craft on a weekly basis and I know that I wouldn't be able to do it, because I'm just not that creative.

I think the frame is cute.

World of WarCrafts: The secret of the ooze {WoW}

May 8th 2008 11:28AM Oh my god disgusting oozling!
I have farmed those oozes to death in order to get one of these but it never dropped :(

Now I can make one!