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Totem Talk: Pinch-hitting {WoW}

Feb 5th 2008 1:56PM One thing about switch hitting for the "team". I am a elemental shaman and have picked up a great deal of gear from kara becuase there is no Resto shaman with us. It is to the point now that I will be on DPS unless the healers can't keep up and we wipe. If so, I will switch to my healing gear and support the healers. Being a 40/0/21 spec I am able to give that "emergency heal" to the tank to give the spec'ed healers time to catch up.

I am usually 1-3 on the DPS meter every instance unless I switch to healing. I have not had to respec to resto for a instance yet because I carry all my healing gear with me all the time.

I think it is easier to support a second role easier as a elemental , supporting healing than a enhancement supporting just because of the talent point spread.

My two cents.