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Opinion: Obama should have tapped Ford's Mulally for adviser role, not Immelt {Autoblog Archive}

Feb 2nd 2011 8:52AM My vote goes for Alan to get the role of restructuring our government and start cutting all of the fat from it. Get rid of all of the unneeded programs. You want a hand out, find a charity to help you.

Cataclysm hotfixes for Dec. 21 {WoW}

Dec 22nd 2010 1:13PM to anyone who bitches about the de thing

atleast some other professions use "your mats"

infact, I think both of my crafting professions need dust to make some things

and if we couldn't get those mats in this manner we would probably all just be rolling greed to vendor the items, so quit complaining

BlizzCon 2010: Razer demos the Naga Epic, StarCraft 2 gear, page 2 {WoW}

Oct 28th 2010 7:17PM I didn't realize the epic was going to have the color options, wish my regular Naga had that. Should go well with the new Anansi keyboard.

Which speaking of that, suprising they didn't have any of those at Blizzcon.

BlizzCon 2010: Razer demos the Naga Epic, StarCraft 2 gear, page 2 {WoW}

Oct 28th 2010 7:15PM If there isn't any lighting on the mouse when you turn on the PC, it's probably entered the mode it does for firmware updates and such. You might want to look that info up online and compare it to what's happening to you.

Razer unveils special edition Naga MMO gaming mice {WoW}

Oct 6th 2010 12:43AM I love my naga, only complaint is there is no other option besides blue, which is kind of limiting when you want to get a matching keyboard

is that purple lighting on the Maelstrom one?

Paris 2010: Ford Fiesta RS WRC ready to hit the dirt running {Autoblog Archive}

Sep 30th 2010 1:38PM Silly Ronald, putting words like always in caps. Seems to be that the company you are ranting about had a couple non fwd based awd cars, such as the RS200, Sierra Cosworth, a,d the Escort Cosworth that used to Sierra floor pan.

And we are talking about a WRC car right here, which probably doesn't have the torque split you keep jabbering about. It is probably more along the lines of a 4wd system.

And the large displacement RWD cars sure will be popular the next time gas prices spike.

Video: New Lancia Stratos gets ready for its closeup {Autoblog Archive}

Sep 13th 2010 8:58AM I love how Dan ignores half of my post.

I was trying to imply that those high performance cars are not exactly inexpensive, and therefore could be owned by people that have other wasteful toys. Although honestly, there are probably quite a few going to the liberal movie stars and the like.

Now back to us normal people, I might be able to afford a corvette someday, but those electric performance cars are still a good chunk of change at the moment.

And a Nissan leaf is even a bit expensive when you compare it to an ICE equipped vehicle.

Maybe in a few years an electric car will make more sense, but it still has a way to go. I look forward to having affordable options on the market.

Video: New Lancia Stratos gets ready for its closeup {Autoblog Archive}

Sep 12th 2010 1:46PM Dan, you linked us a nice little $150k play toy that works well for one or two things. Let's see how it does when they run it in a race that goes longer than it's range. How does it do on a rally stage? You do realize that this new Stratos is paying homage to a classic rally car?

Also, as terrible as sports cars are for the environment, they really are not all that common. How much of the petroleum used every day is used by this type of car? Now how much is being used by everything else?

Also, I would be much more worried about what else these sports car owners are doing instead of saying they are terrible for not having a Tesla. In reality the Tesla or the like doesn't mean shit when they are using their private yacht, private jet, or at minimum using their truck to pull their large boat to the lake.

High performance cars are not the problem, people are the problem. And until people start giving up their unnecessary luxuries for the greater good, we won't make much progress. Also, cars like the Tesla are more of a statement in my opinion. Hey, look at me, I'm GREEN. Let me park it in my 10,000 sq ft heated garage and go chill in my inefficient mansion now.

Also, electric cars do not economically make sense for most people yet, so mainstream change is a long ways off. Most people are still going to do whats good for themselves, not what might possibly help the environment a little bit.

Breakfast Topic: The Personal Aesthetic {WoW}

Jan 18th 2010 8:37AM Gnomes will rule the world!