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What Blizzard can learn from the Ghost Wolf debacle {WoW}

Feb 6th 2008 10:39AM I was lucky enough or industriuos enough, or possibly both, to tame this in mid December after reading about them from the petopia site and reading guides on how to tame them. One good thing about this is that after playing the game for 9 months and not doing a single BG I finaly did some so I could get a helm with a meta socket for the mystical skyfire diamond. This required a tremendous amount of effort and some expence getting the gems, I had to get some other items with sockets as well so the gem would have the right balance of blue vs yellow gems and the metagem would proc. I also had friends spend thier game time and energy with me to help me do this.

After reading all these nasty comments I feel idk... dirty? Why are some of the posters here saying that the players who feel that Bliz dropped the ball are "QQ" ing. Arn't they being just a bit hypocritical since they are "QQ"ing themselves about the posters trying to get Bliz's attention for something that affects thier game play? At least the ones "QQ"ing to blizzard have a reason and arn't just harping on people for speaking up.

My feeling on the issue is this... Since aparently Bliz didn't intend for it to be tamed and it was they should have let it go and still be tamed let they said originaly. It wasn't hurting anybody and just looks cool. They shouldn't have taken away the ability for it to be tamed unless there is soem valid reason which they havn't given which leads me to believe they are just doing it because they don't want players to have fun in spite of them as other posters have said. In the grand scheme of things it's realy a small issue but they could have and prolly should have handled it better and I think it would be good if they at least acknowledged thier customer base here.

Anyway, at least I got one and I am definitely very individual with it since I have only seen one other on Drenden and it was with the opposing faction. I still think it's not fair that others can't get it even if it would take away some of my individuality.