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Best and Worst of 2006: Keith's list {AOL TV}

Dec 31st 2006 9:38PM So you guys are still pushing Dexter.

I watched it and I was thinking, "Hey the guy from 6 feet is doing an 'American Psycho' ripoff." And then it went downhill. I thought it was boring.

I do like BSG and How I Met Your Mother. I'm only into the first season of House, but I'm getting tired of the disease of the week formula. He's supposed to be a great doctor, but never gets it right in the first 2 diagnosis? Maybe it gets better.

But then again, who cares what I think?

The Muppet Show season one DVD {AOL TV}

Jun 11th 2005 11:32PM For those interested, Fraggle Rock, Season 1 will also be released this summer (September).