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15 Minutes of Fame: Horde of Unschoolers {WoW}

Feb 8th 2008 5:42AM I'm currently 14 years old, I've been homeschooled since the age of 5, and I have a great social life, a great Wow character (=P), and I do enjoy learning. I've sorta hit a block atm, but that's just lack of sleep. Not so sure about this free for all thing though, I reckon the kids would do better if they were forced to do 4-6 hours (depending on age) work a day, BUT they could choose what work to do, and whether to continue a subject they like, that kind of thing.

I'm a lot more structured than even the above paragraph, but I do have the flexibility to have an odd afternoon off to go skating or something.

And no, I'm not fat, I'm not socially inept, and I don't fail at life.