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The AV map imbalance in patch 2.3 {WoW}

Feb 9th 2008 4:18AM Although alot of people might think it’s a load of crap,
Its true. AV is being boycotted (mainly in bloodlust
And storm strike). I play alliance on frostmourne and Av isn’t even considered a BG anymore. (We call it free horde honour). Although there are obvious map imbalances favouring the horde now, there are new strategies to win. But in one-way AV is broken. Broken many alliance players ego to get off their arses and start trying.
A while ago I played an AV game and the result is always the same. A turtle match guaranteeing a horde win. We start off the game by zerging IB. At the same time we loose Stone hearth and half of our O goes to kill Galv. Then we realize that O attacking IB isn’t big enough then they die (because of the horde D) and get sent back to DB GY. Then the O attacking Galv die and are also dent back to DB GY. After this the horde attempt to push DB. Problem is 100% of alliances are also at DB. So we then get a boring struggle between horde and alliance just outside of DB. We then loose to reinforcements. For 0 HONOUR. The games usually last bout 1 hour if you don’t afk out. So most people are smart enough not to waste there time.