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Cataclysm Stat & System Changes Revealed {WoW}

Mar 2nd 2010 1:30PM Personally I feel the removal of weapons skill makes no sense. It was a part of the game that added a little realism. I've heard "easy mode" toss around but I think it just addes "lazy mode".

In sniper school we did not learn how to use the weapon just because they said we could we had to practice. That target 1300 yard away took time and experience to hit. That was what leveling weapon skill was all about, learning to use your new weapon. You might as well take leveling you professions out too. After all they take so long to level and what if my 80 no longer wants to pick flowers and make juice but instead wants to make raw metal into fine jewelery? I should instantly know that too right?

PvP reward inflation leaves newcomers in the dust {WoW}

Feb 9th 2008 11:08AM In some cases losing in AV is better then winning in WSG so it is much better at building honor ponts

PvP reward inflation leaves newcomers in the dust {WoW}

Feb 8th 2008 11:45AM I agree and am doing something very much like this. I do not play in the arena's and most likely never will but I do play in the BG's a LOT. with nearly 11,000 pvp kills and growing. When I hit 58 and was headed to Hellfire Pen my gear was wacked and it was hard to survive even the first few quests. But this did give me some reasonable gear. I am how ever a pvp player and even this gear was not what I had hoped. Then I saw the lvl 60 epic in the pvp awards and drooled on my keyboard. I will not saw this stuff is uber but the set give you some NICE bonuses and BG's are alot more forgiving as you try to gear up then arena's.