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Know Your Lore TFH Edition: Elune is a naaru, page 3 {WoW}

May 2nd 2010 1:49AM "So, if the Naa'ru theory is true, there is a distinct possibilty the trolls may just have eaten one."

Probably the best explanation so far (no joke).

Know Your Lore TFH Edition: Elune is a naaru, page 3 {WoW}

May 2nd 2010 1:41AM Well all of my RL established lore has Jesus looking like a white dude with light brown hair, and we all know how very unlikely that is.

Just sayin'...

Know Your Lore TFH Edition: Elune is a naaru, page 3 {WoW}

May 2nd 2010 1:22AM This is all great speculation and all, but none of it even remotely explains TROLL priests. Trolls worship their Loa gods. I don't suppose you think those are Naaru too?

Breakfast Topic: Loremaster for a day {WoW}

Mar 7th 2010 8:46AM "Surely he can find some more ancient line of Warchiefs, Warchiefs who ruled over a more peaceful, shamanistic society, who lead the Horde only in noble wars."

"Warchiefs who ruled over a more peaceful, shamanistic society"

"Warchief... peaceful"


Blackhand WAS the first Warcheif of the Horde, and at it's most "peaceful" that title mostly denoted a figurehead, as Nerzhul was the true leader of the Orcs back then. Orgrim Doomhammer, who replaced Blackhand on Azeroth, gave the title its true meaning.

But before Nerzhul united the clans under the Burning Legion, there was no Warchief. There was no Horde. The Orcs were a series of clans which participated in an uneasy friendship, at best.

You can't really call yourself a lore nerd without knowing all these things...

Operation Echo Isles: Transcripts and details {WoW}

Mar 4th 2010 12:17AM These new quests are replacing the old ones. This is the "spicing up" of the old starting zones that they mentioned in the latest Dev twitter chat.

Operation Echo Isles: Transcripts and details {WoW}

Mar 4th 2010 12:14AM Zentabra is clearly going to be the Darkspear Druid trainer, or at least their leader/guide... I assume Vanira is a shaman of some kind.

Guildwatch: Puppies can cause drama, too {WoW}

Jan 21st 2009 9:46AM Your reporting on the Doom transfer incident was pretty inaccurate and one-sided. Dalaran is most definitely not "mostly Horde," the direct quote from Zarhym was actually "At the largest gap last night between the Horde and Alliance populations of Dalaran, the Horde made up for roughly 40% of the total realm population to the Alliance's 60%." In both of the first two threads you linked, other Dalaran members also sympathize with Doom about the population imbalance (which favors Alliance).

Also, while Doom does have a pretty bad reputation on Dalaran, that fact has never inhibited their ability to recruit on-server, since they are the top Horde guild. The actual reason they cannot recruit on-server is due to the low availability of top-end Horde raiders (as stated in the third thread you linked).

Try getting your facts straight next time. Whispering some random person on Dalaran Horde does not count as reliable information from a "tipster."

Thrall missing from Orgrimmar [UPDATED] {WoW}

Nov 5th 2008 12:26AM Apothecary Karlov isn't new, at least not as of 3.0.3. He ends the new quest that involves the Dual-Plagued Brain for the Horde. He popped up along with Grand Apothecary Putress and the Forsaken camp in Shattrath towards the end of the Zombie event.

BigRedKitty: Silithid {WoW}

Sep 2nd 2008 2:35PM None of the animals you just listed are any more sentient than, say, a dog, aside from the Netherdrakes, who give themselves freely as mounts and are not pets.

The Silithid aren't even beasts, they're classified as "unknown" due to lore, but realistically are more closely identified with humanoids than beasts. That a hunter can tame them is literally like a hunter taming someone of another race (like a Tauren lol).

BigRedKitty: Silithid {WoW}

Sep 2nd 2008 2:12PM I just don't buy the Silithid as a hunter pet, even an exotic one... they're a sentient race FFS, and the oldest one on Azeroth at that. Next thing you know, shapeshifted druids will be the next exotic pet.