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New Patch Brings Midsummer Fire Event {WoW}

Jun 22nd 2006 12:46PM I just find it amusing that this festival is going on at the same time that the scourge are invading... Guess the people in Azeroth don't stop a party for anything. Its pretty sweet though, 1 hour long buffs that add 30 stamina and persist through death? Heck yeah I'll take that

Breakfast Topic: Jack of all trades, master of none? {WoW}

Jun 1st 2006 9:56AM I'm a protection spec warrior and I am definitely a jack of all trades. If things get really hairy I just stop tanking and begin off healing with bandages, if my own health gets low I just sit down and eat, its my job to prevent a wipe at all costs. If we are short casters I just go buy a bunch of grenades and other ranged damage dealing items and go to town with them. If we need DPS I switch to my full leather set and just pwn dual wielded daggers and whirlwind, who needs blade flurry.

Wait, no no, actually I just sit there and get mobs really pissed at me so they don't beat up my fragile teammates who can't seem to take a punch, wimps.

On a serious note, I love druids. My guild leader and good friend is a druid and is always willing to do what the situation needs, even if that involves a costly respec. He's at home in cat form, but now that blizzard has basically nerfed the only good feral set out there he's kinda screwed in that area. he's actually resto specced now and basically hates it, but does it for the guild. Druids rock, but they really deserve a better feral set.