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Around Azeroth: Idling ftl. {WoW}

May 19th 2007 11:13AM wtf is this? why are we posting WoW stuff on SC2 insider?

Guildwatch: Stripped bare {WoW}

May 16th 2007 9:24AM looking at the pic, you can see he still has his:
tabard, legs, axe(???), hearthstone, chestpiece.

Yes, those might not be his equipment pieces, but who would fill up all of someone's inventory minus 4 junk greens with dwarven braziers? And who would make "tabard purchase" a high priority upon finding his account h4x0red? I'll wager everything else is either in his bank or the mail. Plus, had they really trashed everything I don't think just a little yelling and cajoling would get him back in. Guilds just aren't that hard to find...and he'd already left them once.

Maybe the whole thing is staged, or maybe he was just annoyed by the initial freakout of thinking all his stuff was gone...I could see how someone might have a pretty limited sense of humor about something like that.

AFK a sec guys -- wife aggro {WoW}

May 16th 2007 9:13AM My guild has a lot of couples, so it's a term we don't see that often. When we do, it's meant as a "haha" kind of thing, not a "zomg, my wife hates me and won't let me play games all night" thing. My best friend and I got into the game together. It's something we can still do together despite being hundreds of miles apart. His wife is not a gamer (text-twist, insaniquarium, donkey konga is about her style) but she totally supports him in his habits. He uses the term "wife aggro" just to refer to any time she wants him away from the game. If she's not home, sometimes he'll clean the kitchen or something to gain rep which will allow him more gametime, etc. etc. It's all very tongue-in-cheek.

What it boils down to is it's more fun to say "BRB wife aggro" than "Hey guys, I'll be back in a few. My wife just got home from a long day and would like me to spend 5 minutes being nice to her." or something along those lines. Everyone's different, each guild is different, ymmv.

Breakfast Topic: Toons have character {WoW}

May 16th 2007 8:13AM Character all the way. I've been playing for just over a year, so I'm growing desensitized to the "toon" terminology, but it still irks me ever so slightly.

I used to play tabletop RPGs, the original Diablo, its way better sequel, other computer or console rpgs, etc. etc. so I'm used to having characters and shortening it to char when in a hurry. The one real problem with char is it's already an english word. Fortunately its most common usage is a verb and context usually disambiguates if you're talking to someone who's not new to RPGs.

BigRedKitty: Bad hunters are born, not made {WoW}

May 10th 2007 7:38AM First, I do like what you're trying to do here.
Too many of the WowInsider posts are formatted as:

"[brief news item/unoriginal observation]
What do you think?"
aka it's a blog entirely composed of breakfast topics.

That said, I'm not a big fan of what you've actually done. The Yoda-speak annoys me waay more than the royal We. You seem to drop in and out of persona and there are points where you seem to get bored with the pace of your story and just wrap up in a hurry. If you're getting tired of writing about an event, odds are your readers are already bored hearing about it.

The parts I could stand to read seemed to be good info, and with a little cleanup the article would be quite readable. Knowing that your style is not mine, I won't tell you exactly what to take out, what to leave in or how to frame a particular event, but I will recommend you make it shorter. The fewer words you use to communicate, the more likely you'll be using the key, important, exciting words to tell a story people want to hear, rather than detouring to things like how all the other class leaders are slacking.

PTR notes: Mass quantities of epics retuned {WoW}

May 8th 2007 3:49PM Thallid,
I'm not sure where you're getting these Ninjas from, but everything's better with Ninjas.

If I'm reading you right, you're saying that the nethers are a rare resource in high demand. Like other awesome items, they are a tasty treat for ninjas. Like other awesome items, you might be in competition with other people for them. Yes, this will make it take longer for you to get yours than it would under a lot of other systems. Does this make it unfair to casual players? Not really. It's actually kind of a gift to them.

As a very wise calculus teacher once said:
"Everyone needs a hobby. I like dating because it gives you a goal each week."

I've been fishing for several weeks trying to get Mr. Pinchy and all the STV Fishing Tournament goodies. This is fun for me, even though the drop rates are waaay low. I'm really not sure what I'll do with myself once I get them. As long as you need that Nether, it gives you a reason to go run X instance in hopes of finally completing your crafted item. Once you get that, you'll need a new goal and it's a common complaint that there's not enough to do that isn't raiding, so the longer it takes you to complete any quest or personal goal, the more playtime you're getting out of the deal.

No UBRS key for you! {WoW}

May 8th 2007 3:01PM @James and while they're at it, just make old Tier sets purchaseable for like maybe 1g. And, um, have a GMmode you can turn on so if they're kind of hard you can just walk through to see the content.

I hit the endgame about a month before it became midgame, so I've only seen ZG once and Hakkar was bugged. I got in a run at Onyxia and a run through MC, but only saw the very beginning of BWL. I'd like to see some of the content I missed. I may still do the Naxx attunement as I think it's mostly a cost of admission thing, not like Onyxia's long questline.

Your suggestion sounds like: "It's not worth it to me to earn my way in, so you should just give it to me so I'll go anyway." If you don't care enough to do an attunement, why bother going at all? Most of my guild is keyed for all the old raids, but has 0 interest in going still. Once BC raiding gets kind of stale, I think we'll probably go back for fun though...and to catch some content people like myself missed out on.

PTR notes: Mass quantities of epics retuned {WoW}

May 8th 2007 8:20AM To put things in context, I'm in a casual-esque raiding guild (Windmasters on Lothar, we're recruiting) that's up to Aran in Kara.

@khaosworks: The heroic attunement requirement for Hyjal is an advance notification that it's going to be difficult not tuned for the casual player.

@goggle people: You know nethers have something like a 10% drop rate in non-heroics right? Still not a cake walk, but entirely accessible to the casual gamer willing to group for a few 5-mans. Sure, if you only can do 1 5-man a week it may take a while, but you can't expect to get the same rewards as people putting in 4 hours a night in the same timeframe.

@everyone: If you're not having fun, stop playing. Whether this means taking a break or cancelling your account, I don't really care. If you are having fun, does it really matter how easy/hard it is to craft things/get epix/get attuned/etc. I'm having a blast in instances, heroics, fishing for the elusive Mr. Pinchy and the occasional Arena battle or Battleground. If none of the content is worth to you the effort it takes to access it, then go outside, buy a wii, read a book, something.

Forum post of the day: Rez me, unworthy peons! {WoW}

May 7th 2007 11:47AM Whoa ben1778 (#12), chill. I'm a warlock too, but I think the point is that when the priest/paladin/whomever has to walk back, that it's the rest of the party's job to walk back too...not go get a drink, make a sandwich, wait for rez.

If the walk is short enough (say Mechanar) I'll even walk when there is a SS up, just 'cause why should they waste their mana (and consequently my time) rezzing me when I can get back in about that time, leaving them time to rez other peoples.

That said, I think healers should be open to rezzing someone who asks nicely in advance. There's a big difference between "Y U NO REZ ME?" and "I need to go let the dog out, do you mind rezing me when you get back?" I've certainly summoned enough people from the front-end of the instance to where we are when they needed to take care of something in the analog world while we were running back.

People need to realize that we're all in it together, be it a guild run or a pug. We all help each-other out, put forth the effort and go home happy.

Tell us about 'yer lucky charms! {WoW}

May 5th 2007 3:29PM Skull first, X second, from there it gets funky.

Star is a common sheep target
Square is trap usually
Nipple is seduce
Thong or Diamond is banish

Everything after the first two is very situational, though. We just throw up targets and tell people what to do about them.