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Spiritual Guidance: Holyform and lesser Holy talents {WoW}

Feb 11th 2008 7:33PM 1. Extremly impressive writing. really nice. Enjoyed reading it, and as a critic, trust me I've met terrible writers. So, cudos to you Eliah, really enjoyed this reading, saving the link.

2. Yes, give me something that would want to make me respecc deep holy. I've specced Lightwell three times, COH twice and even holy nova once/twice, just to see if they really are "new and improved" as blizzard states, no, no and NO!

3. I'm tired of everyone complaining. If you haven't noticed, priests are the MOST hated healing class.
Why? Cause we don't have hots/treeform, HINT HINT druids.
We don't have survivability/BOL HINT HINT paladins,
and we don't have all your beloved totems, HINT HINT shamans.
So once a priest is getting something that might actually make them usefull during raids, people jump up and moan. Well didn't you reroll paladin,druid and shaman for a reason? I did too as priest, but then came TBC and made holy priests hated, whereas all I hear is "give us shadowpriests". Have you ever seen a priest 100% Holy? Occasionaly yes, often no. Why? Have you seen our Holy tree? You'd think priests should be the best of all healers, mostly cause they are priests, freaking decentends from the holy churches and yada yada yada. Anyways.

So you think, holyform imba? No its not, trust me. Dont make it sound better than it is, dont get me wrong, give it to me, and give it to me NOW! However, Priests survivability is the worst. 20% more damage is scaring the shit out of me. And this rumor about not beeing able to cast shadow spells? Trust me it will come, blizzard can be idiots, but they are not idiots enough to NOT fuck up the only real holy spell that could be given to priestkind. It's blizzards thing, torturing priests, making there holy tree suck, so this is what I reckong. We are going to get Holyform, and there are two reasons.
1. It sucks for NPC's, they want to kill us, not heal us.
2. Holyform will be something like. Holyform: increases heals by 25%, reduces melee damage taken by 20%. However, you may not cast shadow spells while in this form.
This is what I'm expecting, Making it harder for priests to survive, and why not remove Fade too? (shadow spell) so that we may die in our SO SO IMBA form.

May elune be praised and the light within come. :)