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Ask WoW Insider: Should healing be competitive? {WoW}

Feb 12th 2008 2:11PM Is healing competitive? Lawlz, of course it’s competitive. It’s more competitive than DPS because it’s easy to learn, but difficult to master, so in 25-man raids you can truly see who the talented healers are.

Sorry if this offends you DPS classes, but wow, you’re job is so simple. The sheer mechanics of healing multiple targets, taking consistent damage for a prolonged period of time, is much more of a challenge then learning a spell/shot/energy or rage rotation on a boss fight. I have eight raiding toons, but the one I take to clear Black Temple is my Holy Paladin, simply because it’s what benefits the raid group and guild the most. On my Mage, Warlock, and Hunter I can put out 900+DPS on a boss fight on a bad day, but since everyone loves to do dmg and it is such a simple job to learn and master, it’s imperative that I play my healer for serious raids because of my ability to heal effectively, efficiently, and still be leagues above anyone else on the healing meters.

It’s clearly not fair to compare DPS charts and Healing charts because the two are apples and oranges on an individual basis. That being said, I personally use Recount and I have my officers use recount in order to monitor our healing classes. Regardless of what anyone says, “Oh this fight favors this and this fight favors that.” Total BS. Doesn’t mean a thing to me if you can apply HoTs, Group Heals, Chain Heals, whatever you have in your arsenal doesn’t mean a thing to me because I am going to crush you on any fight in terms of healing. Period.

I know people are probably going to think I am full of myself, which I am, because over the past several months of progressive raiding and having everything in TBC on farm status and 11 Bear mounts in our guild, the one consistent factor I have noticed is that recount is great for determining who the best healers are over the long run. Yes, someone might perform well in a specific boss fight more so than another person, but calculating healing done, over healing done, healing percentages, and top targets healed for raid boss fights is an excellent way to determine who your truly great healers are. Also, in my experience I have not had anyone come close to beating me in healing done or my healing percentages. In terms of efficiency I am always the lowest or second lowest in over healing done, being the second lowest on over healing to someone who normally is 12-15% below me on healing done. We’re talking about hundreds of thousands and sometimes a million plus hit points behind me.

Consistently being low on the healing meters over the long run doesn’t mean “Oh I know how to conserve mana.” What it does mean is that most of the time you are standing around doing nothing but taking up space and not casting heals and subsequently knowing how to cancel them if someone is going to beat you to the punch. If you are consistently at the bottom of the healing meters and the difference between you and anyone else in your raids, 25-mans specifically, is along the lines that two of you couldn’t equal one of them… /healerquit ftw and roll a meathead dps class where you can just smash buttons like in Street Fighter or Tekken and hope to get a combo move or special ability off. You are doing a disservice to your guild and raids being that much of a noob and if you raided like that for three weeks in my guild you would be removed permanently from raids as a healer and would have to look somewhere else for people who want to carry some dead weight. Three weeks of consistent raiding is more than enough time to monitor any healers abilities and see if they are capable of improvement, or if they just blow harder than Jenna Jameson on Valentine’s Day and you need to send them down to the farm league. 25-Man raids are for All-Stars and MVPs, so all you bat boy healers can continue to try to heal Karazhan where you won’t get in the way.

Holy Paladins FTW!