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The Legendary Sisterhood shakes up Sentinels {WoW}

Feb 4th 2008 7:22PM The concept of the guild sounds interesting enough, and if they really do intend to RP then more power to them. However, I don't think the community of Sentinels should suddenly be considered the 'haters'.

Suddenly 300+ blood elf mages and priest appear out of no where, is kind of worrisome. It's like living in a small town and suddenly having 200 new people appear out of the blue. You kind of wonder "WTF is going on?" As far as I know, the only reason the Sisterhood was ever mentioned was because someone was wondering why there were so many of them. (There was a thread before mentioning them, though I don’t know if it had the same out come as this one.)

Sure maybe the people on Sentinels were harsh, but unless you've actually hung on that server then you probably don't realize how dedicated some people are to role play, and are there because they wanted to escape what the bad apples of the Sisterhood have apparently done. It just isn't fun to have people like that around.

And while I can understand the whole secrecy thing, I don't think it would've been to difficult to inform people on the server who were going crazy that the guild's purpose is currently secret but as time goes on, it's story will be revealed, and that anyone having problems with members should just send a message to the leader to deal with it. Wouldn't have to give away any details about the guild all, just let people know "Hey, don’t worry; we intend to do something RP." If you actually consider what's being posted then you can tell that's all the people of the server really want.

I don't doubt they'll be an interesting RP guild. So for the Sisterhood I wish good luck, hopefully the bad apples will rot away and you'll actually be true to what you intend. Don't bite on other role players though when they don't understand what's going and you don't give them any comfort about their worries.

PS: To be honest (from what I've heard) I really hope a GM didn't say the whole "Sister" thing was acceptable, 'cause while it may be a guild role play concept it's a clear contradiction of the rules and is unfair to other 300+ people who might've wanted a title in their name. That’s the issue I have on that. I want to be KnightGeorge if someone can be SisterTabby!