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Breakfast Topic: Where will you ride out the Cataclysm? {WoW}

Aug 1st 2010 8:19AM gah, 3.0. You know what I meant.

Breakfast Topic: Where will you ride out the Cataclysm? {WoW}

Aug 1st 2010 8:17AM Firstly, I think the Cataclysm is more likely to take place in the pre-xpac patch. Just as 2.0 and 3.1 made the game BC and Wrath ready respectively, 4.0 will most likely make the game Cata ready (with the new zones, races, and level cap restricted to those with the xpac when it launches shortly after).

Second, I think I read (or possibly I'm just imagining, but its probably a safe assumption) if you're character is in a changed area on patch day you'll be ported to your hearth location or home city or something to prevent you being stuck.

As to address the actual question though: I'll probably park my toon in stormwind, ready to take to the skies and survey the cataclysm. But even this is not much of a concern, because what I really want to do is start a worgen and goblin and experience the new quests from level one.

Guildwatch: The Armory never lies {WoW}

Feb 11th 2009 7:29AM lol what? Egami "really needed the loot" from the extra boss? How do justify "really needing" a mount?

Designing around latency {WoW}

Feb 3rd 2009 5:12AM I'm an Aussie and I suffer from a 400+ as well. It's not so bad in the current content, as the reaction times required for fights like Thadius are tuned to entry level skill, but in endgame BC it was a nightmare.

Any fight that required split second timing (say, interrupting a half second cast) is harder for those on international pings than anyone else. Fights like Eradar Twins where you had a fraction of a second to react to the bomb debuff or wipe the raid were really frustrating. I expect I'll be seeing this kind of thing in future wrath raids too :(

Frogger in Naxx, despite people saying "noob, just run ahead to compensate" is also a good example of frustrating lag. Several times I've died to that stupid gauntlet even when giving them a wide lead, and always a second or two after on my end it looks like I've made it through clear. Once I even died and the one I ran BEHIND exploded, I'd like to see how you compensate for that!

And don't get me started on the Mid Summer festival torch catching game! No amount of running ahead to compensate could help me with that stupid game. It was completely unpredictable.

Clearly Blizzard do all their testing at the dev studio. I guess latency problems don't have much effect on design when you're sitting on top of the server.

Sharpening Stones, Mana Oils gone in Wrath {WoW}

Oct 31st 2008 10:02AM I don't see this as a terribly significant change. As has been pointed out their cost is trival compared to flasks. What it really comes down to is they are a 'filler' buff. At the moment they are pretty much required for progression raiding, and all they do is add more damage/healing to that character's weapon, so why not make the extra power part of the weapon in the first place?
Using stones and oils requires no 'skill' - their use is a false choice - you either buff your damage/healing or dont, so claims that their removal is 'dumbing down' raiding are silly. What this is doing is removing an unnesessary concern from raiding. This means I can spend a little less time worrying about farming mats, having enough consumerbles to last the raid, and remembering to reaply them; and focus more on the actual decision making and skill part of raiding.

This is why flasks and food can still work (to some extent) - unlike stones and oils you have options. Do I use stam food for this fight or dps food? Do I use a pure damage/heal flask or a stamina one, or a resistance one, or do I use a combination of elixers? The choice of what flask and food to use actually requires some knowledge on behalf of the raider, stones and oils do not.

Unfortunatly the choices to be made when it comes to food and flasks are still very limited, and often come down to simply using standard +primary-stat one for your roll anyway. So there is still improvement to be made in this reguard too. I would hope to see more variety in these buffs. For instance the choice between a spellpower+stam flask and a spellpower+mp5 flask would require a little more consideration (i.e. 'skill') on behalf of the raider than a straight up +damage flask.

I guess the argument could also be made that stones/oils could also be given these choices. Though it would depend on the amount of variety attainable from food and flask combinations as to whether a third consumerble type would be nesessary.

Badges for dailies {WoW}

Feb 21st 2008 10:55PM What you just said is exactly the reason why I quit WoW pre-BC, and why I picked the game up again during BC. Progression was artificially limited by gear dished out by low chance drops. After running MC for the umpteenth time and rarely seeing an upgrade, I decided I had better things to do with my time. I wanted to see new content, not grid old content for ever on end.

BC fixed this by adding alternate ways of acquiring gear. Gear is still a barrier to progression, but acquiring it is not. Heroics, crafting, badges, and battlegrounds offered excellent entry level gear into raiding, multi-class tier-item turn-ins reduced wasted loot, and these new rewards will offer higher-end rewards to help boost those lagging behind.

I cannot find any problem with that.

Dress yourself completely in Badge loot {WoW}

Feb 19th 2008 6:49PM Well said Dean, I would like to add that these rewards are hardly easy rewards for casuals either: 150 badges for one of the best caster weapons in the game? Anyone that has time to farm 150 badges, and then many more for other pieces of gear is not playing casually. Or if they are, they'll be lucky to get many pieces before WotLK.

Dress yourself completely in Badge loot {WoW}

Feb 19th 2008 12:52AM I have just over 200badges at the moment and nothing to spend them on. I haven't grinded them, just simply accumulated them over time - mostly frequent ZA and kara runs. And in 2.4 badges will drop from 25man bosses as well.

So I don't think it will be a grind for most people to purchase this stuff, and it's certainly better than grinding rep or gold for gear, where you don't have much chance of getting other good stuff along the way, and you have to do it outside of your normal raiding. At least this way you can continue raiding as you always have, get loot from that, and sooner or latter purchase some other good stuff as well. Doesn't sound like a grind t me at all!

Unlocking the Sunwell: Essence of the Immortals {WoW}

Feb 13th 2008 7:08PM If you're worried about not opening the final bosses before the Xpac, remember that's its still a good few months off AT LEAST. And also consider this: this hand-in system is similar to an attunment system, and Blizzard are quite willing to remove attunments down the road to help the lagging guilds, or in this case realms. I wouldn't be surprised if when the 3.0 patch comes out before the next Xpac, all the barriers are opened to let people in before the instance is neglected forever.