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Breakfast Topic: When do you start working up a profession? {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2008 8:41AM I rerolled a Rogue on a buddies server. Soon as I could I bought Skinning/LW. I kept both leveled as I leveled. I mean why not Skin everything you kill on your way to 70. Its like handed to you. Not to mention on that server leveling up LW i was able to sell most of the stuff I was able to make specially between the lvl 35-45 stuff for ton's of money. I power leveled that rogue and at 60 I was sitting on almost 2k. That is all Pre-BC content. I bought my epic mount, and started the grind from 60-70 continueing to level up Cooking/LW/FA/Skinning. Now my rogue is sitting at roughly 3100g at 68. I havent touched Blades Edge/Netherstorm/Shadowmoon and plan to hit 70 in Nagrand that way I can finish off the 2900g i need for my regular flyer and epic. Roughly give or take that much. Just some words of Insight... Level your stuff while your doing it...why go back and waste time to do it later?

Breakfast Topic: Hacked {WoW}

Feb 15th 2008 8:52AM Honestly - I just got through a difficult time with this. It took roughly 2 months and none of my characters were transfered. My account got hacked and I lost 2 Tier 3 paladins and a Tier 3 Warrior and Tier 3 Druid and my Tier 6 Hunter and Tier 5 Rogue. In total they netted around 150,000-170,000 gold worth of stuff. I had to go on each character filing the tickets which was a pain and then finally after about 2-3 weeks each they were restored. Thankfully my money was restored too...I heard rumors from some people that they dont restore money...and that sometimes they do. But over all I was left with TON's of BOE's in my bag's. BoE Epics/Blues and Rare Gems from the instance grinding. They let me keep all of that and I sold it on the AH and made some extra cash. So over all from being hacked I had made about 1500g-2000g extra haha. But after that experience I switched to Ubuntu Linux and run WoW on that.