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The Queue: Why it's not time for a warlock tank {WoW}

Apr 3rd 2012 11:50AM I am looking forward to the release of Mists of Pandaria. Especially the new Pandaren race. As far as new races being a potential new addition, do you think they will introduce any new races in future expansions or do you think this is probably it? I don't realistically see naga or murlocs being playable races. Something I thought would be pretty neat would be a character that could go from humanoid form to dragon. Like humans transform to worgen. Perhaps even a dragon in a humanoid form maybe. Just thoughts.

Breakfast Topic: Do you like PvP? {WoW}

Apr 3rd 2012 8:58AM I used to really like pvp in the battlegrounds. The rush of getting jumped by a rogue or facing off against someone in a skirmish was pretty cool. I could care less how bad we lost or if we won. For me, it was knowing that I am playing against another human sitting behind a computer screen wanting to destroy me as much as I wanted to destroy them. It wasn't a battle against a npc with predictable actions that you rehash and rehash over and over again. You actually need to think fast in pvp.

Unfortunately, it's that very same human element that has driven me away from battlegrounds. People are not graceful when they loose or if the team isn't doing well. You can't expect every person to mesh like a well oiled machine in battlegrounds unless you que with your buds you play with. Too many people blasting others and such horrible comments and immaturity, my goodness the immaturity.

The human element, the lack of maturity and lack of being respectful are what have made pvping so undesirable to many, including me.

Former GM sues over baby murloc voice and song {WoW}

Mar 9th 2012 8:01AM So Rajah, it's ok WHILE employed at Blizzard they could use her voice or what have you and there is no mention or discussion of contracts for permissions to use the voice while she is working their? But, low and behold she faces the fact that a job is not guaranteed and she then cries wolf? I think if I were asked to lend my voice then I would have discussed the legal stuff, I mean, a voice in a video game as big as Warcraft and you don't look into the legal stuff first? That's Blizzard's legal sense at realizing that if she doesn't want compensation then she can suck it up, she should have thought about this first. She needs to wipe away the crocodile tears, pull up her big girl pants, go to her local employment commission and file for unemployment benefits until she finds another job. Suck it up like everyone else. This is simply a person who is pissed at being layed off and thought she was immune to layoffs and now she wants to be a bitter person grasping at whatever rocks she can get on the way out the door and fling them back at Blizzard.

Eye-catching, fantastic fan art by Ginny Higerd {WoW}

Feb 23rd 2012 7:05PM These are very nice pieces of work. It is refreshing to see good artwork and real talent as opposed to anime looking drawing, anime is very juvenile and not much is done tastefully. This looks and feels like adult artwork that I would have a few pieces of hanging in my office or my office at home. Good work!!

The Queue: But I'm not an alien! {WoW}

Nov 20th 2009 4:29PM At this present time we are only allowed one Death Knight per realm. When Cataclysm hits will Blizzard allow us to roll more than one Death Knight for those whom already have a Death Knight but want a Goblin or Worgen DK? It would be a real shame for folks whom already have a lvl 80 DK to have to delete and start over for a Worgen or Goblin DK.

The Queue: Nobody expects the Druid Inquisition! {WoW}

Aug 20th 2009 3:41PM I am curious to know just how accurate you folks at WoW Insider think the data minig of information regarding Cataclysm is. What they have posted so far at mmo-champion seems to be half possible but half of it seems like its stuff thrown in to fool such folks like this person at mmo-champion. For example, the parts regarding Tauren Paladins and Gnome Priests or Undead Hunters seem to be far fetched. Also, if they do implement the posted changes that would drastically change the game. The parts regarding the lore as in Cairne Bloodhoof being murdered and Deathwing and Azshara coming in to me are pretty good ideas, especially since there is lore to support the speculative plot lines of the characters. The information this person claims to have found point to an expac that will almost be a new game...notice I said almost. It's just overwhelming all this possible change to Warcraft that could be real....but, like I said...I think half is real and there is half that is there to throw people off. Night Elf Mages.....seriously? Troll Druids? Dwarf Shamans? LAWL!!

Do botters really matter? {WoW}

Jun 9th 2008 1:24PM Yes, botting does matter. First if Blizzard says its against the rules of THEIR game then its against the rules no ifs, ands or butts about it...period. Second of all, if you've seen the same content for the third time then get over it and it should make lvling faster for you since you know the routine and what to do. Botting also encourages gold selling and account hacking/sharing. You allow cheating such as botting then people are going to question why they cant buy gold or buy their toons off ebay or use a powerlvling site. It invites hackers in to exploite the game. Blizzard has set THEIR game up to play they way they want it played, you dont like it go play EVE or AoC go back to Runescape.

Breakfast Topic: Hacked {WoW}

Feb 15th 2008 9:42AM I was hacked about 8 months ago. Found the keylogger and cleaned out my system. I sent Blizzard an email and it took 1 month to get my account back and everything that was on the account. Luckily, the account thief only created toons on different servers to try and sell gold, I had all my stuff back.
My biggest complaint is that I lost an entire month of play time due to of course being locked out of my account at that time. I was not able to get that time back because the Blizzard rep stated very rudely that I had not played that month. I replied that I had been locked out of my account pending the investigation and he again rudely stated that I had not played that month. I then said to him that I cant play with my account locked but the situation was resolved. He then said it was my mistake to click the link and I pretty much could either keep playing or cancel my account. How was I to know it was a keylogger? I have since then made a proactive attempt educate myself about those links and what to look for but you can still get hacked and not even realize it.