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WoW Patch 3.1 PTR Warlock glyphs {WoW}

Feb 24th 2009 8:41PM I believe the .04 second cooldown is on the Demonic Circle: Summon spell which will help for arenas and PvP but do nothing for PvE unless its a minor glyph....

Breakfast Topic: Is 68 too low for Northrend? {WoW}

Jan 26th 2009 12:26PM I have had 2 accounts, on one that started before BC, I was 60 and had decently good gear, and Hellfire, while it took a while to get to 61, was simple. That character got to 70 but never made it to Northrend.

On my current account, I made a similar character so I just pushed to 58 and hellfire was still not too bad, especially after the massive gear upgrades from a few simple quests.

However, when I got my little BE lock to Borean Tundra at 68, not only was I massively undergeared, but the area around warsong hold is crawling--literally-- with nerubians who refused to die quickly, but after a respec, and a few quests, I was on my way!

So IMHO, Northrend is harder at 68 than at 58, but the promise of more xp, and better gear, its better to tough it out in the new place than to stay in the old.

Breakfast Topic: Hacked {WoW}

Feb 15th 2008 2:21PM OMG! My account was hacked ( it was probably my own fault passing my password around to various "services") but never again!!1 Blizz caught something strange going on and gave me a 3-day ban, ( I was out of town for a few days and someone jumped at my account) luckily nothing is missing, gone, or sold, in-fact I seem to have just been used to farm bog lords in zangrmarsh, with an extreme surplus of junk, drops, and primal lifes.....

I have changed everything since and I know it will NEVER happen again because of my own mis-use