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Dual specs and loot priority {WoW}

Aug 24th 2009 7:38PM This is what I do. As DPS, I've actually dps'ed ToC all of one time. The rest of that time I've been brought in as a healer. Same goes for VoA and ToC10. When I'm in these as a healer, I state up front, I'm dps main. I ask if anyone minds if I roll dps main. Thus far, I've either gotten a yes or no answer. Let's face it, most of the time, people are happy to have a decent healer in and aren't going to complain if that's your offspec.

The important thing is to make sure you get things like priority out of the way up front. For ToC, I have no problem on people rolling as long as it's cleared before the roll.

Azeroth's new plague, Potion Sickness {WoW}

Jul 29th 2008 12:57PM It seems we've got two sides. The optimists that say that the devs will change encounters to fit the new methods and those that think it will ruin several classes.

I'm iffy on this change as I'm skeptical about the ability of the devs to avoid requiring consumables or at least mana/health pots.

If the suggestion is that dps need to first aid, that will certainly bring about additional challenges on any fight considered to be a dps race with an enrage timer. Further, if your dps are down for bandaging, you'll lengthen the boss fight which will still end up causing mana problems for your healers in the long run.

There have been interesting suggestions as to boss fight mechanics that can overcome these issues, such as going out of combat during phase shifts, allowing drinking and a resetting of the pot sickness. I'll wait to see what Blizzard does, but I have a feeling that if something like this goes live, we'll be seeing continued modifications either to it or to mana regen - possibly as a mechanic, possibly on a class-by-class basis.

Azeroth's new plague, Potion Sickness {WoW}

Jul 29th 2008 12:36PM While some of you are optimistic that this change will bring about positive changes in raids on the part of Blizzard, I remain skeptical.

Are Blizzard really going to start catering raids around a lack of consumables? Once we start seeing T9 level content, I'm inclined to think not. As it is, I've noticed new healing spells in the beta getting their healing lopped in half with a minuscule reduction in mana cost. If Blizzard is concerned about mana regen and not chain potting, they're sending mixed signals.

All I know is, if I'm a Resto Druid come raiding at 80, my innervate is for me.

Are tanks the most drama prone? {WoW}

Jul 14th 2008 12:30PM Where is this abundance of healers that I keep hearing about? We've only recently come into enough healers and that primarily because a few people that had healing class alts that ended up their mains due to a lack of healers.

As I'd mentioned, guild recruitment threads I see typically consist of healers, healers, and more healers. Occasionally there's a need for a tank of some type, but I'm not seeing the big demand for them.

I do admit a tank shortage, however, in pugs. You'll find an abundance of pvp healers and a lack of tanks in the pug area. I did pretty well as a pug tank. Just to lock in the idea, after becoming a well-geared raid healer, I tried to pug Magister's Terrace only to find myself respec'ing to tank since we could find another healer, but no tanks.

Still, that's the pug world. In raiding, we're usually short on healers and notice other guilds in the same position.

Are tanks the most drama prone? {WoW}

Jul 14th 2008 12:16PM You can replace heals easily, eh? Let me scroll through the list of recruitment threads....

Heals, heals, and more heals.

I see more recruitment for Boomkins than I see for tanks and I was trying to get a spot as a tank for a while. Guess what I am? Heals. The irony is, now that we need a Feral, I'm too well geared as a Resto.

More tradeskill love and rewards in Wrath {WoW}

Jul 1st 2008 4:54PM Tailoring wasn't represented? You mean, with the three specializations that were pretty damn solid, the Whitemend items. Belt / Boots of Blasting, Spellfire, Swiftheal Mantle / Wraps, Spellstrike items, Battlecast Hood / Pants, Belt / Boots of the Long Road, and Mantle of Nimble Thought?

Yes, I can see how you might think that Tailoring was poorly represented.


More signs of cold on official sites {WoW}

Jun 24th 2008 5:28PM Hell has frozen over? How about Hell invades Sanctuary?

Blizzard's icy splash screen changes as Diablo 3 and WoTLK speculation intensifies {WoW}

Jun 24th 2008 1:00PM Uh huh. WotLK is a game we already know about. You don't go hyping a game already know. The hype is already there.

There were already hints that we'd get a new game announcement. The images are further suggestion of that.

Further, it has been noted that Diablo doesn't mean we're going back into Hell, that's just where we've been thus far. The fight could be taken to Sanctuary.

Let's also note that something is breaking through the ice. Perhaps Hell is going to invade Sanctuary? Last, Diablo already has a past in the ice. Look at Lord of Destruction. Act V was in the icy mountains of the Barbarian homeland.

No pure +damage gear in Wrath, claims Kalgan {WoW}

Jun 10th 2008 8:09PM Actually, it will force hybrids to play their spec. "Hey, throw on your healing gear and heal for this fight... oh wait. There is no healing gear. Okay, hearth back and go respec. We'll summon you back." That will be the situation come WotLK, suggested by this change. Previously, a hybrid COULD play its class, at least to a degree. Non-healing Priests, Druids, Shaman, and Pallys could throw on their +1500 healing gear and become decent healers. Now, to actually heal, you'll have to be spec'ed for it.

I do hope that these talents are rather shallow in the trees, thus allowing the healing-capable classes to be able to off-heal if they're spec'ed primarily for something other than healing.

So if the hybrids can no longer really be considered hybrids, let's start treating them like it, Blizzard. If not, the theory of a "hybrid" is dead.

No pure +damage gear in Wrath, claims Kalgan {WoW}

Jun 10th 2008 3:58PM Completely wrong. You will be fighting not only with the other healers, you'll be fighting with every caster that sees a dps upgrade out of this. Have you learned nothing from the pvp-for-pve gear? Worthless stats on gear (ie. resilience in pve for a caster) aren't a big concern so long as the primary stat gets a boost. I already see Shaman rolling on leather with +spirit because, hey, it's still better than that blue item they're wearing.

We'll see more competition over the same gear. Worse, guilds may well have to enforce healer priority on spell power gear like they sometimes do with tier tokens for tanks. You'll end up with either bitter healers that at least used to be able to look forward to some healing gear dropping now and then, which now have to fight with every caster that wants an upgrade or you'll push priority on the gear and piss off many casters that have to wait for the priority healers to get their gear first.

At least with separate gear for the two, both groups had a shot at gear without fighting with each other. They were just hoping for a lucky roll of the RNG. Seems like Blizzard wants to limit the RNG. If so, why not just tokenize everything and be done with it?