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Fantastic Skyrim Gameplay that looks like a Bug #1: Giant physics {Joystiq}

Nov 13th 2011 4:29PM You can kite the Giants at level 2 or so by running in a circle around a large rock formation or something similar, though the one I killed didn't drop anything particularly useful. No idea if they drop better stuff as you level up.

Watch a pro driver play Shift 2 Unleashed {Joystiq}

Mar 19th 2011 7:03PM This really makes me want to get a racing wheel setup before I play any more racing games... Always wanted one, just haven't been into racing games enough until recently to justify it. Also, probably will be picking this up. I don't know why, but I just can't stand GT5...

Homefront review: First-person Hooters {Joystiq}

Mar 16th 2011 6:10PM Story and setting seemed interesting but I couldn't be bothered wasting my time playing through a game that was both annoying and boring to play through. After the 100th time waiting some for some squad leader to open a door for me so I could continue, I simply shut the system off and got rid of the game. No, this wasn't the only problem I had with the game, but it was a biggy, totally ruined the flow of the game. So glad I borrowed it before buying..

Dark Souls screens show off environments, one pseudo-NSFW monster {Joystiq}

Mar 6th 2011 11:19AM Oh Tower Knight 2, I sense many rage quits ahead of me.

Bulletstorm review: It's raining fun, hallelujah {Joystiq}

Feb 23rd 2011 2:32AM Hands down the most fun i've had playing a game since... I don't know. I played it for about 5-6 hours straight and while I haven't beaten it yet I'm feel i'm fairly close... As far as the the game goes: Every fight was a complete pleasure and I never felt it was repetitive. After each battle I wondered what I could have done better and what skill shots I should have used. The weapons all bring something different to the table and create a lot of variety. Even now I feel like going through it some more and just focus on seeing what I can do in some of the Echoes portions when I'm actually seriously planning out battles instead of just running around laughing hysterically.

I don't care if the game is only 5-6 hours long. I really just don't care, and that's why this game is so good. I never got the annoying nag feeling I always get when playing games where I just want it to end. And it's not just the lesser games, I get this with pretty much everything nowadays. If I can finish a game, then just hit "start" again and play it some more, it just really says something. Not to mention the Echoes gametype is one of the first bonuses I've actually been interested in playing in a game. Also quick note, play this with single player in mind and only that. I didn't want co-op and have no interest in playing the online portion. It just wasn't meant for it.

Yes there are definitely flaws; the dialog sounds like it was written by a 12 year old, but as long as I just try to take it as a joke I can usually get by with a smile on my face. The story.... well I couldn't really be bothered with the story as I just wanted to get back to racking up skill points, it's just too much fun.

tl;dr.... In short, i'm not going to say this was the best game i've played in the past year or so, but it was by a long shot the most fun to play.

Dead Island screenshots make for grim vacation snaps {Joystiq}

Feb 17th 2011 11:47PM Actually does look pretty promising. I'll have to check out the mentioned trailer.

PSA: Battlestar Galactica Online now in open beta {Joystiq}

Feb 9th 2011 3:25AM Hmm... I'll wait for now. I haven't gotten into space-related games (although I am a huge fan of BSG), though I think if I did it would be EVE... How does this compare?

See the first two minutes of Dragon Age 2 {Joystiq}

Feb 8th 2011 9:28PM What you are seeing here is an up-close cinematic of a game that is viewed largely from distances much further away, for the most part...

That being said, it's still slightly disappointing. Not a deal-breaker, it'll still look nice when you're fighting a lot more enemies than what is displayed in the video with a hurricane of random spells going off, but I really feel it could be better.

New Skyrim screens show off ugly beasts and not-ugly humans {Joystiq}

Feb 8th 2011 7:53PM If I can go down a street and not have 1 in 3 people not have the same voice actor, i'll be pleased.

Overall though, i'm looking forward to it from what i've seen so far.