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Know Your Lore: Anduin Lothar {WoW}

Feb 15th 2008 12:08PM "Wait, there was no Horde expedition. How did the Horde get camps in Outland?: The orcs, who are generally considered the leaders of the Horde, came from Outland, so they already had a lot of camps left behind and allied clans willing to help them. Plus, have you seen what the Horde considers a stronghold? It's two sticks, a tarp, and a bunch of pointy objects to stick in the ground. Oh, and a couple of hammocks."

Yes, this was written by the same Elizabeth that some of you claim only makes the Alliance look bad and the Horde look good.

I love these articles, especially when they touch on the info that can't be found outside of the novels and RPG sourcebooks, which I don't own. I've been into the game's universe since Warcraft II and frankly, there isn't a WoW race that I hate, though I'm more Alliance oriented. Lothar ruled and Ms Wachowski did a good job showing why IMO.

Everyone has biases. Just because someone's biases are different to yours doesn't make them less objective than you are. And I don't think she comes across strongly biased- she's proven that she can ridicule everyone, even Sargeras the "world-stabber".

Oh - and yes, the AV boycott is real. Very real. I have accounts on several servers and screenshots of Horde players' Alliance alts made solely to "advertise" AV in trade channel on one. Depending on which Battlegroup you're in, you can get as few as two or three AV games on a Saturday night.