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Officers' Quarters: In defense of guild talents {WoW}

Jun 21st 2010 3:03PM I think the author is whitewashing the hell out of a lot of past data that indicates that Blizzard is completely right as to what is going to result from guild talent selections which are exclusive of other available guild talent selection.

The reality is that there is no way to make meaningful guild talents to take that are not going to end up creating divisions between players, play styles, classes and guild goals. For instance, I can't really see a lot of rogues or warriors caring terribly much about talents that reduce the reagents required to cast spells. Why would they?

Proceeding with a talent-based system for guilds, which is predicated on the idea that you can't select all of the talents, is simply going to give rise to more conflict and to exclude more people from participating in the guild they want. It will reduce the number of possible guild accommodations available to players.

The entire point of expanding guild systems is to expand possibilities, not limit them. The only option to avoid this is to either end up creating a system of guild talents where you get everything (which is what they're doing, essentially) or to make the choices insipid, giving rise to either irrelevance in choice or cookie-cutter choices which offer little to no flexibility.

Blizzard releases information on new Cataclysm Twin Peaks battleground {WoW}

Jun 4th 2010 3:43PM There's a fish... in the percolator.

Know Your Lore TFH Edition: Elune is a naaru, page 3 {WoW}

May 1st 2010 8:59PM Excellent and entertaining article. My only concern with your synthesis of known facts and proposal of how they might fit together is the titans.

They seem rather disinterested and detached as a group to be very holy light-focused. reacts to Cataclysm raid changes, page 2 {WoW}

Apr 29th 2010 8:30AM I'm particularly shocked by the number of contributers who don't like the change and can only offer the reason that its going to make 25-man obsolete.

If it destroys 25-mans then its because 25-mans shouldn't have existed in the first place. Coercing players to participate in a play format they don't want to participate in is the issue here.

The criticisms almost all ring of "I might lose something I like". If you like 25-mans that much then you can find 24 others to go with. Hell the front page of dissenters can make 1/3 or a raid themselves.

I really would like to see someone offer criticism that wasn't a) 25-mans will become obsolete (which isn't a criticism because a dumb format propped up by necessity isn't a good format at all) or b) I'm going to maybe lose something I like.

There are much better concerns than those, anyhow.

Blood Sport: Dalaran Arena problems and possible solutions {WoW}

Mar 15th 2010 8:57PM I wouldn't advocate for any changes to maps until they manage to get the damage situation under control. A lot of these problems with maps, in my opinion, are because the games can end in half a second with a crazy gib.

Increase the survivability times first, then concern ourselves with whether the maps need fiddling.

Ensidia temporarily banned for exploits {WoW}

Feb 4th 2010 11:37AM It is absolutely unbelievable to me that the guild that was able to identify all the complex bugs in fights in the past that most people never would have even found suddenly had a massive brain fart and couldn't figure out what was going on. They're the guild they are for a reason and its going to be almost impossible to convince me they all suddenly became stupid and just "didn't know what was going on".

I also watched the video for the 10-man Lich King and the maps are pretty much the same for 10 and 25-man and I don't find it remotely believable that they couldn't see that something strange was going on.

What they did is the same as their little trick on Hodir, its the same as their little trick on C'thun. They cheat when they think they can get away with it. This time blizzard said enough is enough. Good for blizzard.

Ensidia temporarily banned for exploits {WoW}

Feb 4th 2010 10:57AM Anyone who believes or has sympathy for Ensidia hasn't been playing this game long enough to know that this is just one more exploit incident in a long list of world first exploit incidents. There comes a point where they've cheated so many times in the past that you simply can't believe them anymore. Plus, they're just perpetuating their ridiculous cover story that they "didn't know what causes it". That is not even remotely believable.

They've run out of "good will" with their exploit incidents. They deserve to be slapped down just like Exodus was so they stop thinking they have some right to exploit bugs for their own profit and then report them after. This game is no where near hard enough to require cheating in the races for world firsts of anything.

Know Your Lore: The Second War {WoW}

Jan 20th 2010 12:25PM disco

The Queue: Going to a party party {WoW}

Dec 17th 2009 9:03PM Thall is a totally just shy of being a mary sue, regardless of the efforts by other responders to insist he isn't or that people are misapplying the term.

The only reason he isn't a mary sue is because he isn't a transparent personification within the fiction world of the author. But hes pretty much got every other characteristic going for him, right down to the "omg he has flaws but they're good flaws" like he is "too patient" and "too trusting".

Drama Mamas: Time to man up {WoW}

Nov 20th 2009 8:17PM My suggestion to the first guy is to just say to his guild mates ( or at least a few members) "hey guys, it recently came to my attention that some people here that I was a chick when I'm a guy. Just figured I'd set that straight so no one thinks I'm trying to pull a fast one on them."