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Patch 2.3: Twinks become gods {WoW}

Mar 11th 2008 4:24AM Some of you don't make much sense. You want to PvP to get items that would help you level. Twinks are stopping you from doing this?!? Twinks aren't stopping anyone from getting any gear or progressing in this game, etc. Twinks are obviously imba, but then again when my toon was just casually doing bg's while leveling, I wanted the PvP gear so I could be a twink and own in bg's too. Getting one or two PvP items aren't going to help you level. PvPing for marks in general isn't going to help you level either because you're going to be spending a majority of your time, weekends/nights to PvP. I leveled a rogue on trial account and stopped playing WoW because some twinks in bg's pwned my face and leveling even higher was thus deemed to be impossible???? (hint at sarcasm)
-My first char was a rogue which I stopped lvling at 29 to twink. Far from being the Op rogue most other twinks are at this bracket but my rogue brings me joy at the fact that I can enjoy lower lvl bg's w/o being 1 shot.

-My second toon ever in WoW, is now my main and pride/joy. I rolled my druid to level a char while simultaneously twinking a rogue, so I could enjoy a different aspect of the game. Is now a bg killing machine.

-And just because I love twinks so much, I rolled another toon, just so I can twink again at lvl 29.

Forum post of the day: These are the people in your raid {WoW}

Feb 17th 2008 9:47PM The "server legend": Some servers might have one, some might not. Everyone in any raid guild in the server knows who this one character is, horde or alliance. People bow down when they see them in their full epic t6 gear and wish they could be the one keeping heals up on them.

The "forum legend": I know my server has one and he happens to be in my guild. Everyone makes posts aimed @ them. Opposite faction members would love an opportunity to gank them. Typically narcisisst, but is a great person to talk to about random things.

"Epic Ninja looter": one who clicks need on a piece of gear, nether, etc., that one could not use nor cares to use, but wants that item just to have it.

"trade chat whore": is constantly spamming in trade chat no matter what people say to them, no matter how often they are reported for spamming.